There are a number of free advertising offers on the worldwide web that should be considered for your Online Business. You can’t beat the price and your website traffic returns will be the better for it. Consider these 4 points for your next Online Internet Business marketing To Do list and encourage the internet traffic you need.

1) Free Internet Classified Ad Services: Check out the search engines with the term “free classified ads” and you’ll see such names as Craig’s List, Sales Spider, U.S. Free Ads and All these offer free advertising services. Once you’ve placed your free ad on these sites you’ll find that more recent ads, from other participants, eventually replace yours at the top of the list in terms of searchability. Resubmit your ads with newer titles on a regular basis and keep your traffic opportunities fresh. You might want to consider the low-cost advertising options that these services offer but don’t be fooled by high-priced deals for this type of advertising. Displaying your ad that shows your website URL creates the links that search engines love. Check your free Google Analytics website traffic analyzer to see how your free ad campaign is working and adjust accordingly.

2) Use Free Web Traffic Analyzers: Google Analytics is free up to a few million hits to your website but an additional Google AdSense account will allow unlimited website hit analyses. By analyzing your website visitors along with the timing of your online business marketing efforts, you’ll see what works for you, your products and your website. To get a grip on your business traffic an analytics tool is essential.

3) Upscale Your Free Internet Ad Submissions: There are such programs as classified ad automatic submitters. You don’t want to spam anyone so choose submitters that display “white hat” internet marketing methods (as opposed to the “black hat” spamming techniques). Opt-in e-mail lists and non-spam bulk e-mailing programs, which are 100% legitimate, are also available. Again, check out the search engines for these free, legitimate and low-cost offers. There are effective e-mail advertising programs that involve individuals who have already expressed an interest and are happy to receive your advertisements. Whenever planning your marketing techniques avoid becoming involved in anything that might appear to be spamming your worldwide web neighbor.

4) Submit Your Website to Search Engine Directories: Get your website ranked higher than it is. Spamming Directories is not recommended, either, but regular submissions are. Good Directories to consider are DMOZ, Web World Index, Joe Ant and of course Google and Yahoo. These services are the worldwide web’s version of gigantic filing cabinets that allows the net’s surfers to find your website in good time—so definitely consider forwarding your URL to the high-ranking Directories to maintain or improve your website’s rank.

Implementing free advertising for your Online Business Marketing Plan is essential and considering these options will have you ahead of the online business game in short order. Don’t forget to take a look at the Blogs and Forums discussing these and other free and low-cost advertising methods and find out what’s up with your online internet marketing peers. Get ahead of the business game and consider implementing these online tools today. For more free and helpful information see .

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