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How’s work? Most probably you’re asked to do a lot of things. So your basic instinct is to multi-task. Wrong move. Multitasking, interestingly, doesn’t get you anywhere really. In fact, it leaves a lot of jobs unfinished. The key to completing your long list of tasks is to actually learn how to prioritize.

Here are 6 tips you can follow:

1. Decide on which ones are urgent and important. You will be faced by a lot of tasks, but the truth is they can be divided into two things only: significant and urgent. The significant tasks are those that can have a huge impact not only on the short-term but also on the long-term goals of the company. The urgent ones are those that need to be done immediately.

If you’re torn between the two, select the most important. The urgent tasks are usually not that important. You can always request for an extension.

2. Label them properly. So you don’t end up missing the most important and be pressured into completing them immediately, make sure you can properly identify them. You can label them as ABC or 123. It depends on you. This will also help you determine which among the important should be first, second, third, so on and so forth.

3. Take one task at a time. Remember the problem with multi-tasking? Take time to finish all the tasks one a time. However, to ensure you don’t spend too much on something and forget the rest, you can develop milestones.

What are milestones? You divide a project to different phases, each with its own date, things to do, and even time. Once you’ve accomplished each step, you can tick it off from the list. It makes the task at hand so much easier because you don’t feel so overwhelmed with it. It also gives you a sense of motivation when you can start checking off the milestones. You can definitely feel you’ve accomplished something.

4. Take off the stress. Yes, you need to unload the stress you’re feeling as it usually doesn’t get you anywhere. Stress can cloud your decision-making process. It makes you sick, compelling you to move tasks to more critical dates. It makes you feel more anxious and sometimes depressed.

Subliminal messages can help you a great deal when you’re bombarded with stress. Subliminal messages can get rid of the negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with optimism and hope. A number of those who make use of subliminal messages consider the following:

I am eager to accomplish the tasks at hand.
I am willing to spend time for every project given to me.
I won’t allow the demands to conquer me.
I won’t give in to stress.

When push comes to shove, don’t be afraid to say no to tasks you can no longer accommodate as well as delegate those that you think can be managed by others. This way, you’re left with those that are truly integral to your job function.

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