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As a parent, how would you rate yourself? Parenting may yet be the greatest challenge in any person’s life. Even parents who’ve had children before don’t always know what to do. Being a good parent isn’t about memorizing rules on what to do in certain situations. There is no one common and perennially effective solution to the problems parents face.

Here’s the real deal on what it takes to become the best parent you can possibly be.

1. Set the right expectations. The first thing to do is to set the right expectations from yourself. Don’t expect yourself to be the perfect parent because there is simply no such thing. It is alright for parents to make mistakes. Being a parent is a process that requires constant learning and sometimes, re-learning. What you used to know and what used to work may not always work, especially when you’re dealing with different kids.

2. Eliminate the fear. Parenting can be a challenge but you should never face it with fear. Fear can make you do funny things. If you fear being a parent, then you won’t have the right mindset, which means you are more likely to make mistakes or make rash decisions. Don’t pressure yourself to always make the right decisions and to try to play by the book at all times so you won’t make mistakes. There is no such thing as playing by the book in being a parent since you are dealing with the very unique personality of your child.

3. Stick with the positives. Instead of being afraid, why don’t you just stick to the positive side of being a parent? Eliminate all the negatives in your mind. Instead of looking at your children’s shortcomings and how you can get them to improve, look at your children’s strengths and talents and focus on how you can further develop them. Use positive reinforcement instead of negative.

Keep on praising and encouraging them. Reserve your criticism, negative feedback, and all the scolding for when they actually do need it. Some parents tend to make a habit out of criticizing and pointing out faults in their kids. They may mean well, such that they want their children to improve, but making a habit out of doing these negative things can be destructive for their kids in the long run.

4. Be a better parent from within. Parenting is an art, and you need some important skills to be good at it. Even then, there are factors that are beyond your control, so you also have to trust your instincts. But how can you be sure that your instincts are to be trusted? After all, there is far too much at stake, like your child’s future, to just blindly go along with nothing but your gut.

Well, you can make your parental instincts more trustworthy by reprogramming your subconscious mind. Your instincts come from your subliminal mind, so if you consciously program your subconscious mind, you also indirectly program your instincts, however far-fetched that may sound.

Here are some subliminal messages you can work with:

Good parenting comes naturally to me.
I make decisions wisely.
I have my children’s best interests at heart.
I am open to learning as a parent.
I love my children and want the best for them.
I understand my children.

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