Kundalini Cool Down Exercise
1) Visualize a globe above your head filled with cool, blue energy. Let this energy flow down
(earthwards) to the crown of your head. Note the cooling effect this has.
2) Imagine a hollow tube running down your back, the central channel of the kundalini. Let the
blue energy from the globe and your crown flow down this hollow tube to your tailbone. In its
passage downwards this energy will cool also the intertwined channels around the central
3) Now let the cool, blue energy continue its passage into the tailbone until it feels completely
calm there.
4) Finally, dissolve the globe and all other pictures, feel your feet again, breathe deeply and
relax your body. Slowly and gently emerge from your state of meditation.
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Figure: Calming the kundalini with cool blue
From personal experience of its results, I can recommend this meditation. In case of an overactive
kundalini may be necessary to repeat the cooldown meditation several times.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology.