A wine collection is a matter of elegance that has been appreciated for years after years. So, if you want to have wine storage on your own, there should be no compromise on designing the perfect wine cellars for you.

No matter if you have only a few bottles or hundreds of them, the cellars should always have a perfect look. So, this article is going to help you with some useful tips to design your perfect custom home wine cellars.

Temperature Control: At first, you need to ensure the temperature and humidity control to protect your wine collections for a long period. The ideal temperature for long-term wine storage is from 55°-58° F and the humidity is from 50%-70%. You can use technology to control temperature and humidity in the wine cellar zone.

The Size of Your Collection: You have to count on the size of your wine collection. You can take a portion of a room to make the cellars or choose an entire room for the wine cellar management. If you have plenty of collections, choosing an entire room would be a wise decision.

Measure Your Space: If you don’t have enough space in your home, you can use the basement for making wine cellars. Also, you don’t need a 4,000-5,000 square feet room to invest in your wine storage.

You can make the arrangement even within a little space. Therefore, measure your space before installing the cellars.

Portable or Built-in Wine Storage: You may not be living in your home for the entire life. You can change your home to a new home. And there, you cannot take your wine cellars with you if you decide to have built-in storage.

In that case, portable wine cellars will work fine. Also, use your own style and designs to customize the cellars. You can take professionals’ help also to make the arrangement more perfect.

Moreover, these are the things you should keep in your mind when designing your custom wine cellars. Give your wine collections the right place they fit in.

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