Finding top talent for your real estate company can be challenging at times, especially if you are located in a region with a highly competitive job market for the industry. And you aren’t alone, real estate brokers across the nation struggle with the same problems when trying to recruit and maintain their team. However, there are steps you can take to stand out against the competition as well as refine your own hiring process to weed out poor candidates.

To improve your hiring process and find both buying and selling agents, as well as administrative staff that will be a true asset to your company, follow these 4 tips.

Run Background Checks Before Hiring

In industries like real estate where agents spend time alone with customers, it’s especially important to run background checks to review their criminal history and verify their identity. After all, the last thing you want is bad press that your business was affiliated with someone dangerous. It can also help you ensure they have the experience they claim to, so you know they’re qualified. If your state has certain requirements for real estate agents, make sure that you verify that they also have proper credentials before they come onboard.

Pre-employment background checks for employees are much more affordable nowadays, but you still want to make sure you only run them on candidates that you are seriously considering hiring. Keep in mind that you have to get their permission in order to run a background check.

Use the Right Channels for Recruiting

Is your real estate company looking to recruit younger real estate agents to appeal to the millennial demographic? Maybe your company has recently lost some of your most experienced agents to retirement and you want to find some strong leadership to help guide younger hires and keep your business pulling in the same numbers.

Either way, you need to use the right channels to recruit the type of talent you’re looking for. With younger recruits you’re going to want to leverage online talent solutions like LinkedIn and Indeed, as well as other social platforms where they’re most likely to be looking. On the other hand, experienced realtors may be easier to find through referrals or attending major industry events. While there’s no one size fits all approach, it’s important to keep these factors in mind when growing your team.

Don’t Discount the Value of New Real Estate Agents

While it’s understandable why you may want to focus on hiring experienced agents who have built a name for themselves and know the intricacies of the industry, it’s important that you don’t overlook new real estate agents when growing your company. New real estate agents can bring enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, digital prowess, and more to the table. Plus, it’s good to have a variety of agents at all stages of their career to keep your real estate business running smoothly.

After all, if all of your agents are in the late stages of their career, you could find yourself in trouble when you’re short staff because several of them retire in a short period of time. Plus, hiring agents with less experience gives you the opportunity to mold them and instill your company values into their real estate practices.

Position Yourself Competitively

As with any industry, there can be a lot of competition from other real estate companies when it comes to recruiting top talent. Don’t lose out on high-quality candidates because another company presents a better offer. To position yourself competitively when it comes to recruiting, you should focus on:

• Providing a competitive benefits package
• Establishing high brand visibility
• Investing in high-tech solutions make employees’ jobs easier
• Providing opportunities for training, professional development, and growth

In addition to you looking into their skills and experience, you can rest assured that any real estate agent looking for a new brokerage to call home is going to be comparing the offerings of each company before making their decision.

Whether you’ve been running your real estate company for over a decade or are just getting started, these tips can help you establish good hiring practices that help you build a strong team. During the recruiting process, keep in mind other important factors like personality—you want someone who will fit in with your company culture—drive, and passion.

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