If you have a large number of unused items in your home, then an estate sale can do the twin work of getting rid of them while making sure that you do earn some money by the side. And if you are planning an estate sale, but do not know anything about it, then the following tips will help you make your estate sale a success.

Never Throw Out Anything

There might be some items in your home, especially older ones, that you might think are of no value. But remember to never throw out such items. The truth is you never know what the real value of the item might be. Only professional estate liquidators have the market knowledge to determine whether something is valuable or not. For example, if there is a cup of your grandmother’s time, do not throw it away. If the cup turns out to be a special edition make of some rare manufacturing unit, then that cup will net you a lot of money. So, remember to contact good estate liquidators In Broomfield to value your item before you decide to throw it in the junk.

Focus On Presentation

Give special attention to the presentation of the items. Clean your home and arrange all items in an attractive manner. This alone will make the item appear more valuable in the eyes of a proposed buyer. This happens because human beings are wired to judge an item not only by itself, but also by its association with other things. So, while an item placed beside a dirty wall will be seen as having low value, the exact same item will be perceived as having a higher value when placed against a clean, shiny wall.


Make sure that you carry out the estate sale only at appropriate times. Your estate liquidators should be able to tell you when best to conduct the sale. Generally, last four days of the week are considered to be best for an estate sale and has been observed to see higher turnouts and more sales. Plus, avoid having an estate sale on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas since such days will rarely see any traffic.

Undamaged Goods

As far as possible, only put up undamaged goods for sale as they will net in the highest money. People generally avoid breaking things. Your estate consultant should be able to guide you regarding this matter. However, this does not mean that damaged goods do not have any value. In fact, such items can have very high value if they are rare. For example, suppose that you have an old phonograph record that does not play the songs too well. The phonograph in itself will be useless. But if it turns out that the phonograph is the first manufactured photographic record of Elvis Presley, then the item will command a very high value even though it is partly damaged.

So, be sure to keep the above tips in mind when doing an estate sale, and you will have an easier time making the event a success.

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