In today's business climate, a company's online presence is almost as important to its success as its products, services and customer support.

Building a strong online presence should be a priority for businesses of all sizes, whether they are brand new or many years old. Here are four tricks that all enterprises can take advantage of to establish themselves online in a way that will promote customer engagement and sales.

Produce Video Content

When most people think about online content, their thoughts turn immediately to written articles. However, in the multimedia online climate that has emerged over the last decade, video content is a powerful and simple way for businesses to convey their messages.

By creating videos filled with helpful information, you can get customers interested in your brand and generate trust with them. Don't be overly promotional, but instead include only a brief mention of your company's products or services.

Use an Industry-specific Domain

Selecting a domain name is one of the most important elements of creating an online business presence. Since the early days of the internet, the familiar .com domain extension has been by far the most common.

In recent years, though, several industry-specific domain extensions have appeared that businesses can use to clearly communicate to customers what they offer. A business in the automotive industry, for example, might make use of the companies like Dominion Domains. Explore different extensions and pick the one that you feel best represents what your business does.

Gather Customer Reviews

Business owners have always known that a satisfied customer is one of the most valuable commodities a company can have. With the power of the internet, this value is multiplied many times over. If you want to attract new customers, you should use your website and social media channels to gather reviews from past clients.

The more positive reviews you accumulate, the more likely new first-time customers will be to trust that your business is the right one to help them.

Build an Email List

Once you have successfully acquired a new customer, you shouldn't move on from him or her after one sale. Instead, you should try to engage with that person multiple times in order to foster the possibility for more business in the future.

For this reason, you should gather email addresses from customers who have bought from you in the past so that you can stay in contact with them. An email list can turn one-time buyers into repeat customers, thus increasing your company's return on its investment in customer acquisition.

Using these simple tricks, your business can build an online presence that will pay for itself many times over. By building your brand online, you'll be able to increase your sales, reach new customer and engage with people all over the world who need the products or services you offer.

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