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Humans seem to have a need to categorize, label, and collect various things of interest. In many cases, people like to gather things that hold financial or sentimental value. However, you could reach a point where much of that stuff is just clutter that is costing you more than it is worth. Here are a few things that could be draining your resources.

Unused Toys and Furniture

If you have children, they might have some toys around that you just move from one place to another to get them out of the way. Even without kids, you may have a piece of furniture or two that you never seem to use. These things are taking up space and costing you money at the same time. You're paying for a home or apartment that has a limited amount of space inside, and each unused square foot that you don't use could cost you a bit of money in rent if you’re not willing to cut down on the trash when you move. It may not be a great sum, but it can add up over time. Sell or donate toys and furniture you don't use to free up space as a resource.

Old Vehicles

If one has extra space in the garage or room in the yard, it isn't uncommon for a secondary vehicle to wind up there. While a car might be a project for later, it can quickly become clutter that you pour money into with no tangible results. This is especially true if you’re paying to keep it insured and can’t even drive it. Any person who has ever searched the internet for "sell my junk care" solutions can free up space and make a bit of extra cash by working with qualified professionals in this industry.


Equipment can refer to larger items like appliances and small things that you use for daily personal tasks. It is a good idea to have a nice variety of things on hand for most of the work in and around the home. However, duplicate items or components that don't seem to meet a need could be draining your time and cash. If you have a lot of equipment clutter, you’re wasting garage and potentially home space storing things you barely use and could rent. Many of the items you might use will need regular cleaning and maintenance, and both your time and money go to waste if you aren't putting that stuff to work on a regular basis.

Bargain Finds

It can be difficult to resist a good bargain. Finding something you like or need is always a pleasure, but you get a much better feeling when you find those things at a price that is much cheaper than expected. However, bargain finds can quickly drain your finances. The price for each item seems small at first, but buying several packs of items you might not use in the near future can add up before you know it. It doesn’t matter how much you’re saving if you weren’t planning to buy an item in the first place. Bargains are great, but ask yourself if you truly need what a seller is offering before you buy.
Clutter can eventually become a nuisance more than a joy, but you can take steps to identify different things you could repurpose. If you find that you're renting storage space for your clutter, rethink how much you need. You could be paying monthly storage costs for things that don't have any personal value to you.

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