Dining table- or the table with chairs that you sit upon to eat your meals is called a dining table. To simplified? Seems so. Dining table sets are a silent statement you make to the guests entering your place. It is a place where your family eats together and at a designated disciplined manner. Since it is a statement, you need one that compliments your room and the decor, not just any piece that is there for the sake of it.

When you plan to purchase a dining table set, always remember that it may be the focal point of your room, so pay attention to these details:-

❖ Material- the more you use your dining table sets the traditional and sturdy look

you’d want, you should opt for wooden; otherwise, a combination of wood and glass also works.

❖ Shape- A round table is more cozy and warmer; a rectangle one is more formal and

defined. You can look for other shapes to give a more varied feel to your dining table sets.

❖ Colour- What finish you take of your dining table set or the colour defines your

entire decor.

Let's get some ideas on how you can match these 4 dining table sets style with 4 different themes.

  •  Minimalist theme-

When you have a small room that you need to decorate, you carve a small dining nook out of a larger space. Here you can have a metal cum wooden table or a table which is like a two-seater-bench (see-saw shaped) which has a table and a chair in one design. Dining table sets for this kind of decor can also be the foldable types and wall-mounted versions of it.

  •  Formal Theme-

The romance of a formal dining room is ingrained in all of us. At some point of time or the other, we have all imagined ourselves to be sitting in a dramatic or fully furnished specific dining room, with an elaborately carved dining table set.

Go for long rectangle tables with cushioned chairs with armrests and carving on the leg to achieve this look.

Replicating that in today’s time is not difficult anymore. When you look up dining table sets online, you will find something that will fit your dream perfectly.

  •  Modern Theme-

Here colours, fabrics, patterns are all open to be played with. Here your decor every element individually and then makes it all come together. The modern style uses everything in bright colours. Pastels make the most of it.

While choosing the dining table sets for this kind of decor first keep in mind the number of heads that you need to seat. After that, you can decide on the other elements of decor. A dining table set of compact metal with chairs and benches, or a lean, clean table with chairs that can be compacted underneath it, or a short table with poufs all are a good

fit with it.

  •  Contemporary Theme-

Here you design in sleek, simple lines. Here the furniture is not futuristic or eclectic like that of modern, but are more today, more comfortable with solid colours and a lot of places which can be designed neutrally.

The best dining table sets to go with it are the ones with a clean straight table, and modern long chairs, with the back and cushion all in continuous synchrony, or the ones which have cushioned seating but are not ornate.

These dining table set design ideas are going to complement any room or decor and take up the style quotient.

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