Traffic fatalities are on the rise and the reason behind 80% of road accidents is drinking and driving. Despite public awareness, educational programs and various penalties imposed for a violation, there has been no change of mind among teenage drivers.

Most young drivers fail to understand the real risks of drinking and driving and make pedestrians vulnerable to spot deaths. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, alcohol-impaired driving can take a toll on your life and even put you behind bars.

In this article, we will take you through the underlying risks of drinking and driving and explain how it can prove to be dangerous.

Improper Judgement and Decision Making

You might be aware that alcohol affects the judgemental abilities to the point where you can take wrong decisions that you won’t otherwise make and regret later on when you get back your senses. For instance, you might take wrong turns and drive without keeping a check on your speed limits when intoxicated. Your decision-making capabilities go for a toss and make you prone to distracted driving.

You don’t have to necessarily pour the entire wine bottle into your mouth to get intoxicated, even a few sips of alcohol can influence your decision-making capabilities and distract your attention. You won’t be able to divert lanes, manage space between cars, control speed and obey traffic signals. Drunken driving seizes your concentration on road and increases chances of potential collisions.

Seize Ability to Respond to Critical Situations

Alcohol seizes your capability to respond to critical situations and increases chances of life-threatening road accidents. You will fail to check for on-road hazards and respond quickly to something severe happening on road.

For instance, if a car stops in front of you or passes closely, you may not be able to tackle your car and quickly pass through it to avert the accident successfully. Likewise, if a dog suddenly runs across the road or a pedestrian cross the road, you might not be in a state to apply your brakes which would automatically lead to road fatalities.

Impaired Vision to Look Ahead

It’s utmost essential to look for road hazards ahead of the road while being behind the wheels and excessive alcohol consumption can seize your vision to look ahead of the road as recommended by professional driving instructors or driving school in Chatswood. Drinking while driving may impair your vision and you may partially lose control over your eye movements.

Further, alcohol consumption may even lead to loss of peripheral vision which is an essential requisite for safe driving. Therefore, if you face difficulties with your vision, see things blurred or cloudy, you should stay back and avoid taking charge of the steering to avert the dangers of collisions.

Legal Implications of Drink and Driving

Drunken driving is considered a serious crime and put you at the risk of legal consequences. If you are caught red-handed on suspicion of drunken driving, police patrol officers may ask you to go through an alcohol consumption test.

Positive test results can put you behind bars and high penalties will be imposed upon the act. Moreover, all counties have taken this seriously and have increased the amount of penalties for violators. To stay away from police checks and unnecessary penalties, it’s better to stay away from drinking behind the wheels.

Last Words

Drunken driving has always proved to be fatal. Journals and newspapers have constantly reported about the deadly consequences of drinking and driving to make beginner and experienced drivers aware of the negative implications. So share this post to your friends and families and spread awareness as much as you can.

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The author runs a professional driving school in Chatswood and recruited experienced and certified driving instructors who impart practical driving lessons to drivers of all age groups and make young drivers aware of the legal implications of drunken driving.