Wondering how to become a pro wedding photographer? To photograph numerous friends and family members on a very special occasion like wedding is a challenging task in itself. Each one for your photos needs to be at just the perfect angle along with an eye for detail when capturing those moments. There are not just the couple shots which need to be done right there are family shots too! There’s nothing worse than the couples realizing later on that you didn't capture them with the grandmas and the naani maas..and their favorite SQUAD!

Those special moments when the bride hugs her mother before leaving and the father does those rituals during the pheras or the blushing glow on the faces of the couple- all these moments are priceless, and you need to capture them all. Capturing everything in a seamless manner can be quite stressful for a wedding photographer. But don't worry! Today we are here with 4 unique tips for perfect wedding photography.

Preparation is the key
Picture this: The wedding day has arrived, everything from the venue to the flower decor is ready and gleaming for the evening. And the bride and the groom and yes their families too couldn't be more excited when they arrive but what if something goes unintentionally wrong by you and your team. It needs to be tackled urgently! A bad weather or a technical issue in your equipment’s can occur without informing you! So we always say that preparation is the key to the best wedding photography . Have a backup plan and be fully prepared for the day. Have batteries charged, it's good to carry some extra batteries with you. Keep memory cards blank and check out the route much prior to the wedding date so that you can manage to reach on time. Reaching on time will give you ample time to set up the equipment’s and be ready for the shots.

Get to know the couple and their wedding:
To a wedding photographer, his prime subject are the couple. The trick to capturing fabulous wedding photos is to get to know them and their love story better. Before the wedding rush begins, sit with the couple to know how they met, fell in love, what inspires them in life, what is their dream about their wedding and so on. By getting to know about the families, traditions, culture and destination, you will gain the confidence to an exceptional job. A trial wedding shoot is an ideal option to gel with them and teach them to pose naturally before the camera. When the big day comes, your confidence will be soaring.

Know your gadgets:
If a wedding photographer is an artist, his gadgets are his brush and canvas. As a photographer you need to have in depth knowledge about your camera, lens and various other gadgets you use. The more you learn to experiment with them, the better your output will be. As a wedding photographer, you don't get second chance and thus its is imperative to be updated in your skill of handling the camera.

Be a storyteller:
A good wedding photographer should always aim to be a storyteller. You are in the business of capturing emotions and best moments of someone’s life. Develop the knack of candid moments where you can capture sudden burst of emotions that are the true essence of the occasion. Let your photos or videos weave in all the people who matter to the couple and tell a beautiful story. Being your creative best is a must every time you shoot a wedding.

No one can turn into a pro wedding photographer overnight. But with practice and constant learning, you can evolve into a fine professional.

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With a Post Graduate degree in Photography from esteemed Jamia Milia University and an intense passion for photography, Subodh Bajpai has grown into one of the best wedding photographers in Lucknow.