4 Unique Ways to Recruit New Talent for Your Business

A business is only as good as the people behind the scenes, working day in and day out to provide the best goods and services to the consumer. That's why learning both where and how to hire high-quality, qualified individuals are essential to elevating your business to the next level.

Use Social Media

You’ll be surprised at how much talent is available on social media platforms, a talent that is quality and ripe for recruiting. Sites have even begun implementing features straight into their app for this exact purpose. Facebook recently introduced their “Jobs” section, where you can list available positions for your company that their users may view and apply to. With the millions of Facebook users out there, it’s impossible not to get a response or two. It’s a fresh and easy way to hire new recruits. They can respond to the job posting by submitting their relevant profile information as well as send messages about any questions they may have. This allows for a more personal connection with the job applicant. As this is all tied through your company Facebook account, it also doubles as brand awareness for your business.

Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

You have a huge chain of connection within your company, use it to your advantage! Making them your very own brand ambassadors empowers your employees. They are able to gain confidence from this undertaking, as well as develop a sense of loyalty and self-esteem. They not only help to promote your business but also perform better at work. It’s more than just a good HR tactic, it also shapes the public perception of your brand, drives company culture, and extends your reach towards getting fresh and stellar talents. By turning employees into brand ambassadors, you are activating your band inside out. It’s a testimony for the complete experience, one which inspires action, engagement, and long-term customer relationships.

Provide Perks and Incentives

There’s a reason why Google and Facebook are two of the most popular dream companies to join. Their perks range from a free buffet meal to holidays at home with their families. These perks not only incentivizes new, fresh talent but also compel current industry veterans to flock to their doorsteps, eager for a position in their company. Depending on the size and margins of your company, you may not be able to provide these massive bonuses or guarantee every holiday off, but there are other - smaller - things you can offer. Focus on financial perks because these are extremely important and popular these days. Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic, employees were already stressed about money. Much of the workforce is the new generation of young people, many of which work with what they have and live paycheck to paycheck. Even the smallest boost in financial stability can make a world of difference for your employee’s financial, and mental well-being. Having a happier, less stressed worker means they will be more motivated to work hard. It will also push new prospective talents in your direction, over a company that isn't known to offer these extras. So prioritize the financial well-being of your current and future employees by reinforcing your financial perks and benefits therein. These could include paid time off for sick days and vacation days, health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, and so on.

Use Staffing Software

Staffing software has become a revolutionary way of recruiting new talent for your company. It’s an online job posting software that refers to staffing and recruitment applications for industrial, clerical, technical, professional, and other industry specialties. These offer many benefits to improve your productivity by using online recruitment software, which makes use of Cloud technology, allowing you to connect to prospects’ mobile devices. It can also widen your reach across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The result of these programs is higher-quality workers while skipping the tedious tasks that traditional methods usually come with. Finally, staffing software streamlines data collection from the candidates.

It's time to leave behind the traditional ways that companies in past generations have used to acquire talent. There are many modern tools at the immediate disposal of any company, regardless of size, to find the best and most hard-working employees to hire.

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