If you are seeking the right living situation for an elderly loved one, an active adult community may be the right choice. There are many types of centers for older adults and it's important to choose one that fits the need of the person about whom you're concerned. The following are four ways that adult communities can be beneficial for elderly people who may be facing risks and quality of life issues living on their own.

A More Active Social Life

Many older adults are socially isolated. Friends and relatives visit as often as possible, but they are busy with work and their own families. Many studies show that living alone increases the risk of death for older people. In an adult community, older adults are close to others with whom they can socialize. This can even help prevent memory loss and Alzheimer's disease.

An active adult community provides older adults with more mental stimulation than they would get on their own. Between organized activities and the everyday socialization, people have a chance to converse, play games and otherwise stay mentally active. Research shows that the risk of Alzheimer's disease is diminished when people are mentally active and in a more social environment.

It's Safer For Older Adults to Live in a Community

As people get older, they have a greater need for medical care. Living alone becomes increasingly risky as people get older. If someone falls or has a serious illness, no one may know until it's too late. In many apartment buildings and neighborhoods nowadays, people are not even acquainted with their neighbors.

In an active adult community, this risk is greatly diminished, as people will have neighbors and friends who keep track of them. Being part of a community is not only more fun for older adults, it keeps them safer in case they ever need help.

A Low Maintenance Way of Life

Whether your elderly loved one lives in an apartment or private home, he or she has to worry about maintenance. There may be issues with plumbing, heating, air conditioning, yard work, snow removal or other everyday tasks. This becomes increasingly difficult as people get older.

An adult retirement community provides a much easier way of life for older adults. Elderly people living on their own may have to contend with unhelpful superintendents or repair people who take advantage of them. In an adult community, residents know exactly who to call for reliable repairs and maintenance.

A Greater Range of Activities

People living in an active adult community have access to a wide range of activities. Adult communities often provide community centers, fitness centers, golf courses, swimming pools and other games and sports. Many seniors who live alone get into a rut where they remain inactive much of the time. An adult community can be a good antidote to this problem.

Transportation to an even greater range of activities is also easier for older adults living in a community. Residents can car pool so they don't have to go places alone. The community may also provide its own transportation to shopping centers, malls and various excursions. It's safer and more pleasant for older people to have companionship when they travel, whether it's for shopping, going out to dinner or enjoying entertainment.

These are some of the reasons that an active adult community may be a way for your elderly loved one to enjoy a better quality of life. As people age, their needs change and they sometimes require a change of lifestyle. For older people who enjoy being active, an adult community can provide the perfect balance of independence and companionship.

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