One of the easiest ways to better your personal health is to focus on improving your quality of sleep. Waking up after a peaceful night can add a little pep in your step the following morning. Not to mention, getting a full uninterrupted slumber just feels good.

 What Do The Experts Say About Sleep Health?

 Peer reviewed medical research suggests that improving your quality of sleep could potentially improve the quality of your life.

 On average, physicians suggest that you should sleep about 8 hours a day. During those 8 hours, your body recharges its mental and physical batteries giving you the energy to take on the challenges of the day.

 More specifically, what actual benefits do humans get from obtaining a full 8 hours of sleep? Let's look more closely at these 4 intriguing scientific studies on sleep.

 Sleeping Helps You Learn More

 Have you ever tried taking a test after a night of bad sleep? Do you have issues recalling information after a bad night's rest?

 Scientific studies published by Harvard Medical suggests that this is normal human behavior.

 It’s no secret that we feel fresh and revitalized after a solid 8 hours of sleep. What might surprise you is that scientific research claims humans absorb, remember and recall information that they’ve learned much more effectively when they are operating on a good night’s rest.

 They say that your learning ability directly impacts your earning ability. Whether or not this is true is a case by case basis, but the underlying premise remains true. Sleep is the foundation of being able to learn new skill sets and if you are able to learn new skill sets, you could potentially have more possibilities opened up to you and your family in the future.

 Sleep More, Weigh Less

 Research shows us that complications from obesity continues to be one of the leading causes of preventable death. While most people tackle this problem by making the decision to hit the gym and cut back on calories, there’s one important thing they may not be considering: Sleep.


PubMed released a report in 2008 that indicated sleep deprived individuals are at a much greater risk of being obese than those who do get a quality slumber.

 What’s more shocking is that the report goes on to say that children are also at risk. When kids do not receive good quality rest, they fall victim poor eating habits, which can cause them to spiral into obesity. One of the most underrated ways to get your weight under control is by simply sleeping better.

 Treat Stress, Aging and Inflammation with Rest

 One of the best ways to reduce your blood pressure levels, slow the signs of aging and reduce inflammation is to simply get a good night’s rest.

 It is important to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate your personal health situation. No one knows yourself better than you and your doctor. If you are worried about stress, high blood pressure, aging and inflammation, sleeping more could help mitigate the impacts of these symptoms.

 Talk to your doctor or health professional about your sleep problems to see if increasing the quality of your sleep could potentially help prevent or deter these symptoms.

 Spinal Health and Sleep

 Did you know that you can increase the health of your spine by getting a comfortable night of sleep? Keeping your spine properly aligned and sleeping properly on a mattress that offers the perfect amount of firmness is essential for spinal health.

 Ask any chiropractor or your primary care physician and they will emphasize how important the alignment of your spine is and how it can impact your health, vitality and well-being.

 If you are sleeping on an old mattress that isn’t offering the right amount of support, you could be causing yourself spinal issues that can contribute to pain, inflammation or any number of various other health ailments. If this sounds like you, perhaps you should talk to your physician and evaluate new mattresses that can help provide relief for your ailments.

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