Want to become a reseller and stay competitive? Well, firstly decide how you will be run your business. Managing your business through traditional methods can be tedious and will have a direct impact on your profit margins.

Handling business processes manually is time-consuming, which can lower the productivity of your entire team.

The key to successfully run your business is to incorporate reseller management software. The software tool automates mundane, repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on sales activities.

A reseller management tool will bring efficiency by automating the following processes and help you to improve your business revenue:

1. Buying/Selling

As a value added reseller (VAR), you will be buying products from your distributors and selling them at a higher price to your end customers. Managing this process by launching a physical store will require huge capital in addition to manpower.

A Value added reseller software comes with a built-in ecommerce platform that will allow you to buy and sell products using the Internet. In simple words, business transactions occur over the Internet.

No paperwork is involved to keep track of your sales. Thus, ecommerce helps you to go paperless in managing your reseller business.

Having an online store will make it easier for you to sell products. Online shopping is convenient for your customers and will enable you to increase your business reach.

2. Catalog Management

As a VAR, managing your product catalog using excel sheets is the worst thing you could do to run your business.

Excel sheets for small catalogs are not an issue but as your inventory expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage it. You will have to use multiple spreadsheets, which means information is scattered, not in one place, making it tedious to handle multiple catalogs.

To resolve this issue, choose a reseller management tool that comes with an in-built catalog management capability. It provides an efficient way to organize and manage catalog-related data.

A catalog management tool creates a centralized repository of product data, thereby reducing the chances of errors when product information is listed on multiple sites.

The centralization of product information makes it easy to update catalog content. The tool allows you to present product data on your store in the most compelling manner, thereby enhancing the buying experience.

As a reseller, if you are sourcing products from more than one distributor, use the catalog management software to create one single aggregated catalog that provides product information coming from multiple distributors.

3. Sales Quoting

In the VAR industry, quoting products is an integral part of the sales process. However, creating sales quotes manually is often an arduous activity. Sales reps spend hours and sometimes even days in managing quotes.

The use of excel sheets for quote generation is error-prone, particularly when you have to quote product configurations. This can lower sales productivity and reduce customer satisfaction.

Reseller management software provides a better way to handle the quoting process. This is because it can automate quoting activity and empower you to create and send some of the most complex quotes in minutes. This can help you to handle a large number of quotes, close deals faster, and increase your overall business revenue.

4. Remote Monitoring

VARs who are also working as IT managed services providers (MSPs) will have to specifically incorporate a remote monitoring and management (RMM) software. It is commonly used by MSPs to remotely monitor the client's infrastructure that includes networks and computers.

To be honest, VARs into IT managed services cannot do without RMM software. The tool provides a 360-degree view of your client's off-site network, thereby allowing you to proactively monitor all the IT assets.

VARs working as MSPs will also have to use business management software to automate their IT operations. These software tools also provide in-depth performance reports that provide good insights about your business.

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