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Have you recently been through a divorce or are you right in the middle of it? Breaking the bonds of marriage can be a heavy blow to your emotional well-being. No matter how tough the marriage has become, divorce always brings about an intense session of self questioning and self doubt.

You start to question several things about life in general and about yourself. You start having doubts about your ability to make things last, to carry things out to completion, to nurture relationships with others, and to honor commitments.

This is followed by fears of not being able to enter a committed and lasting relationship again, let alone a marriage.

Divorce really affects people deeply, but effects come in different ways. And people also have different ways of coping with it. In fact, a lot of people even seek professional therapy for it. If you don’t think you need that, then at least get some divorce self help. Anyone going through a divorce needs help, even if the help comes from oneself.

So how can you take yourself out of that difficult situation? Here are some things worth knowing:

1. Healing takes time. Don’t force yourself to accept and heal quickly. Healing takes time; for some it takes months, for others years. The important thing is to go at your own pace. Don’t compare yourself with other divorcees.

2. Preoccupy yourself. Make sure your time is pretty much occupied. One of the hardest things about dealing with divorce is the change that it brings about. Even if you know for a fact that the problems in the marriage couldn’t be solved any other way, losing a constant companion will still make a huge difference in your life. You need to find other things to spend time on so you won’t miss the companionship.

3. Do not harbor negative thoughts from the experience. Most divorcees harbor deep negative thoughts and feelings from the divorce itself. The experience makes them feel unloved or makes them think that there is something wrong with them that makes them difficult to be with. Even as they heal from the divorce, most of them find that these thoughts and negative perception of themselves somehow still linger and may even cause problems in future relationships.

4. Rebuild your self image and personality. People who get married tend to blend into each other’s lives that their personalities become entwined, whether they mean for it to happen or not. When you get married, you become a half of a whole. When you get divorced, you become your own whole again. This will need some adjustment again, which can be difficult if you’ve been married a long time.

Your entire programming will already be based on the feeling that you are married. You act like a married person, you think like it, and you talk like it. If you want to overcome divorce effectively, you will go through a state of rebuilding your individual self image and personality.

One good way of evoking individuality in yourself again is to bombard yourself with negative thoughts about yourself and about your independence. Tell yourself that:

I am my own person.
I am independent and free.
I am complete in myself.

These thoughts, when subliminally delivered to the subconscious mind through self help subliminal therapy or hypnosis, can be converted into positive actions, beliefs, and behaviors regarding your new independent life.

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