1. Choice: Goals separate beneficial choices from counter-productive choices. I.E. Drinking beer the night before a 10K run is counter-productive, therefore the choice is easier to make NOT to drink beer.
2. Effort: If you are focussed on a goal, the white noise of life becomes less distracting and you are able to put more energy into your goal.
3. Persistence: Goals provide known “outcomes”. Knowing an outcome will add extra drive to sometimes arduous tasks leading to ones goal.
4. Cognition: Goals allow you to plan and then make changes in yourself you may not otherwise be compelled to make.

As you can see, goal setting clearly effects the outcome of any given situation. Regardless of the complexity of your goal.

It's a common mistake to only apply goal setting "systems" to task or objectives that are monumental... such as promotions or big weight loss. Actually, these "systems" of goal setting are better applied to menial task. I'll explain.

If you want a big promotion, and you are really cranking hard on the job performance while at work, you are really only addressing one half of the goal. Your chances of promotion will improve, but not as much as they can. If you hit what I call the "peripheral" goals as well, your chances for this promotion will double or even triple. Peripheral goals for your promotion goal might include: fitness, diet, appearance, education, etc... When you hit all of the peripherals hard, you not only increase your job performance, you increase the impact you have on co-workers and the atmosphere in general at work.

This same logic applies to goals of love or passion. A main goal is only as strong as it's peripheral goals. Don't neglect the little goals!

Last example: You've probably heard that football is a game of inches. Does that sound familiar? Well, goal setting and success is the same, but I might say that rather than being a game of "Inches", goal setting is a game of "moments".

Be aware of ALL of the moments that make up your life. Fill the silence with positive activities or input.

Think of every moment you are awake as "practice". You are literally practicing the way you will live with every action or inaction you take. Are you watching t.v. a lot? Yes, than you are practicing watching t.v. a lot. Getting up early to run? Than you are practicing getting up early and running!

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