As it is not a perfect world we live in, that's why it's only common if we are faced with many negative and unpleasant surroundings that we tend to have bad thoughts. We are only humans and oftentimes, we may not even be aware that we're already forming bad thoughts in our minds; here are some ways to avoid them.

1) Practice thinking about what you're presently thinking about. Yeah, this may be quite confusing, difficult even. But you can save your well being and avoid undue stress if you are really aware that you can really prevent bad thoughts from taking place. Then strongly tell yourself that you are a positive individual, or try, "I am way too good or optimistic for this negativity to let it affect me this way!"

2) Learn the art of meditation--Meditation is said to be the act of living in the present. Most people meditate for spiritual reasons, other people meditate so that to remain mentally positive in the midst of usually negative situation which can propel us to think bad thoughts. And truly, meditation is a great and effective way to block off the negativity surrounding us. Whenever those bad thoughts begin to mount, you can try to stop them by way of meditation by learning those breathing and chanting techniques.

3) Be light-hearted and joke about yourself. I know this can be quite contradictory, but when you feel that you are starting to be plagued by bad thoughts, do the opposite and make light of the situation or what you are currently feeling.

Don't allow negativity to seep within you since some of these bad thoughts can be very nasty and can even stress you out! That's why if that happens, make a 360-degree turn and try to laugh at yourself or the situation.

4) Try to think happy things. Yes, it can be actually a very empowering and effective way in fighting back negativity and bad thoughts. Think about those things, people or events which bring back happy memories and makes you smile. Or how about envisioning your future and incoming successes and all that make you happy? Excited to hit that beach on your upcoming vacation? Dreaming of a happy family of your own? Getting that promotion? Alright--thinking these positive scenarios actually help you in stopping negative thoughts.

These are just some of the most effective tips in order to avoid having bad thoughts, but if you can, try to stay away from negative people as much as possible.

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