Keeping your office space clean is more than just vacuuming and emptying the trash. Your employees will function better in their own workspaces if the common areas are well-cared for and the bathrooms are spotless. Unfortunately, people are wired to complain and can build community around things that make them unhappy. To keep your employees happy and committed, try these four tips for creating a cleaner office space.

Bring in a Night or Early Morning Crew

If your employees arrive and find the bathrooms freshly cleaned, their trashes taken out, and the windows smudge free, it’s a good start to the day. If possible, have your cleaning crew on the job between 10 pm and 6 am. Set up a complaint line and post this information in shared common areas so anyone who has a problem can bring it directly to you for efficient correction. You can help employees focus by removing factors that cause problems. Give them positive experiences to share with fellow co-workers and their community outside the workplace.

Set Up a Move-In Clean

If a new manager is moving up from the ranks of staff or moving in from outside, set up a move-in cleaning of their new office. Review the space yourself for any abandoned client documentation. Have your cleaning crew carefully go through file cabinets, drawers and overhead bins with a small vacuum to pick up dust and debris. Wipe down all flat surfaces and use an air freshener to brighten the space. When you do your final inspection, add a hand-written “Welcome!” note.

Kitchen is Key

You will probably need to designate a member of staff as the Refrigerator Patrol. Make sure that this space is “sniff-checked” regularly, emptied and cleaned thoroughly on a rotating basis. Be sure to provide disinfecting wipes and any necessary cleaning products to the hearty soul who takes on this thankless task.

Do the Carpets Regularly

Carpets get dirty and can look tired and old before their time. In addition to daily vacuuming, industry leading NYC office cleaners recommend treating carpet stains immediately upon finding them. Plan to clean all of the office carpets at least once or twice a year. High traffic areas will need to be deep-cleaned at least quarterly. Be sure to review the manufacturer’s instructions on the best products to clean your office carpets. Also, if you need to replace any office carpet, consider an investment in carpet tiles for easy replacement of any badly damaged sections of carpet.

Having a well-cleaned office will keep your employees happier and will make a great impression on your clients. A final tip: If you have plants in the office common areas, hire a plant care service to monitor their condition and keep them healthy.

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