We all have been there when we can’t emotionally connect to our partners despite having physical chemistry. The main reason behind this is the lack of emotional intimacy in the partnership. Many of us might get confused in figuring out what is the correct way to build a deep and real connection. So, we end up giving more importance to practical intimacy rather than emotional.

But to clear things out, let us tell you that both physical and emotional intimacies are important to strengthen trust, safety and understanding in a relationship. You have to feel and understand your and your partner’s emotional needs. Try to start a true bond between you two and nurture it with your affectionate actions and expressions to empower faith, reliability and love.

To make it pure and real, we have covered some effective points to practise and create a spiritual and understanding connecting with your soulmates.

  • Be affectionate and complement your better halves
  • Whether it is a 5 years old relationship or 25 years down the lane of marriage, greeting your partner gently and affectionately will retain the freshness and care in the relationship. In addition, it will help to keep the perspective alive as to why this particular person is very special to you. So, just try complimenting your partner to make them feel valued and loved.

  • Don’t forget sexual satisfaction
  • Keep in mind that prioritizing sexual commitments is also important when it comes to building an emotional bond between you two. It is an art to keep a relationship happy and healthy. You have to maintain emotional as well as physical satisfaction in your lives. Fortunately, there are a plethora of positions to try out with your partner. Sometimes, to spice things up with oral sex opt for flavoured condoms.

  • Work on being a good communicator and listener
  • Express your feelings to your partner. Try to communicate each and everything happening in your life whether it is related to work, relationships etc. Pour your heart out and trust them with the vulnerable moments. Also, become a good listener as the same thing can occur with them. Say those three words at regular intervals and especially after an argument. Get it over with and sort out any misunderstanding which is affecting the relationship.

  • Never rush the process
  • Earning trust or achieving emotional intimacy is not a one time game. A healthy physical relationship takes a lot of regular effort to create a fruitful emotional connection. Don’t try to rush it out as it might have an opposite and undesirable impact on the partnership. Gently allow yourself and your partner to understand each other's needs and expectations. Work it out together and give proper space to each other.


    Emotional intimacy is distinct from physical intimacy. Yet these two complement each other and are very important to build a satisfying and stronger relationship. We have already talked about the ways to achieve the emotional connection between couples. And, for physical intimacy, you can rely on powerful stamina condoms to have extended fun with your partner.

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