those things which infuse a room with life, color and beauty. According to a lot of decorating experts, the more they are, the better. Besides, there is no need to use hyper feminine types, there are a lot of prints from colorful and bold, to discreet and delicate. They could be used in every room. Check out these four interesting ideas on how to add florals to your home decor.

1. Vintage-style Prints on Furniture

For a delicate introduction of florals into your living room or lounge, interior design specialists recommend changing the fabric of your chairs and couches with vintage-style patterned ones. They could be successfully used by people who appeal to more masculine palettes or want a touch of flowery flair in their homes. Besides, these prints can endure for decades to come. Even if you use the services of a certified cleaning company to clean your home, they don't need any specific treatment.

2. Be Bold With Color

Yes, the old-fashioned florals in pastel color can be really pretty, but actually there is another way to incorporate blooms into your house. Just be bold as much as possible! Why don't you try a wallpaper with a black or navy background covered in a huge, vivid blue and orange flowers? This is a wonderful way to create a fascinating feature wall. Or if this idea is too bold for you, then just hang a graphic art print on your wall for a less fervent way to showcase your love of nature. That floral type is also known as nongirlie, because it doesn't create a feeling of feminism. It's more male-friendly.

3. Add Orchids

If you really want to be in step with the latest trends, you will definitely have to go with orchid prints, especially radiant orchid prints. They are the perfect way to be stylish and mod. Orchid prints in this vibrant fuchsia shade will infuse color and energy into your room. They will resemble summer and make any space feel instantly more romantic and warm.

4. Print on Print

When it comes to prints, here the saying "more is more" is very popular. It can be applied to the fashion as well as to the home. The key to pairing prints is using a matching background color. You can choose one large pattern and two small or you can combine florals with slightly different designs and colors at once. For instance, a pale yellow, white and pink flowery wallpaper will work great with a pink floral lampshade in a different pattern.

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