Ladies, pleasing your boyfriend in bed shouldn't be that complicated. All those female magazines out there want you to believe that figuring out a guy is rocket science. It's not. You can make your boyfriend go absolutely insane in bed by doing for simple things. I'll tell you what they are.

1. Be totally wild and naughty. Men want you to be their "personal" Porn Star in bed, and a lady on the streets. Fulfill all his naughty fantasies in bed and he'll go nuts. If you can be that girl, that will make him faint, he'll never even think about being with somebody else. Basically, be more adventurous and let go. Forget about what society thinks. No, your boyfriend will not look down on you if you behave like a totally kinky porn star that is in love with every single inch of his body and wants to please him no matter what. If you show total devotion and make it your ultimate pleasure to give him pleasure, you will end up giving him amazing pleasure. It's all about attitude. Moan, scream and talk dirty to him in bed. Get him to tie you up, role play and have fun with it. You can't just do it missionary all the time, that certainly won't get any guy to go nuts.

2. Always work on looking better. This may sound shallow, but it's reality. Men are visual. And if you look hot and smell nice, he'll "explode" the moment he sees you, before you lay a finger on him. Men are visual, always think about that. Wearing high heels and a sexy black (or red) thongs can only help. Soft, silky skin is always nicer than being hairy and dry like a caveman. Take care of your looks and have some standards. This is a major thing when it comes to pleasing your boyfriend in bed.

The details are important. Work out in the gym, run, lose weight if you are overweight and even if you are not - be fit. There's nothing sexier than being in bed with a woman that is fit and takes care of herself. There's nothing hotter than being with a woman that's easy to carry around in bed and easy to "maneuver" and control. This just naturally turns men on. And don't just do it because of him, do it because of yourself. You'll be more confident. And confidence is essential to good sex. If you are unsure of what you are doing and you make these strange, confused faces when giving your guy oral and you feel awkward, he'll feel the same, and it sure as hell won't be a good BJ.

3. Take initiative in bed. A lot of you girls just jump on the bed and expect your boyfriend to do everything. No, we don't usually get turned on by just looking at you. Not all of you are that hot. Put some effort into pleasing him. There is a term coined for women that just jump on the bed and do nothing, just expect the guy to do everything - men call women like that "dead cows." Don't let that happen to you.

4. Give him more and better blow jobs. Men watch a lot of porn, and your boyfriend probably does as well. Every guy has a certain "fetish", some guys go nuts when they see your feet, others are in love with anal sex, and some guys (most) go nuts when they just think about getting oral. If you can give him better oral than he sees in porn, he'll want to marry you right there and then. The power you can have over your boyfriend, just because you know what his "hot spots" are when giving him a BJ are incredible. Women that know how to do it properly are rare, so this is a skill that will make you unique and your boyfriend will love you for putting in the effort and showing him how much you appreciate him.

Even more important than all this is figuring your guy out psychologically. A guys orgasm comes from his mind - and that's what you have to master. Techniques can help, but they are useless if you don't know how to make him go wild in his brain first. The key is to go down and dirty and let go of your sexuality and fears of being judged. That's what can make a guy go completely nuts over you. Whatever you do with your boyfriend, do it with passion, with the right kind of energy. You have to learn how to feel and understand him on a deeper level.

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