We all have employees that are amazing and others, even though you hired them based on the fact that they were amazing, are no longer so. What can you do if you know someone is underachieving either based on their skill set or the length of time they have been working for you? And which ones, if any, should you assist in motivating to star status within your company?

1. Opportunity.
We all want one. An employee may lack drive because they do not see an oppotunity within the company that they can or want to shoot for or maybe have been doing the same job for quite some time and it is no longer feeding their sense of purpose. In this situation if you know the employee is capable of more you can discuss different options available for them within the company or offer new training so that they may be moved elsewhere within. They may have developed a new or hidden skill set working for you and it can be utilized elsewhere within the organization. A skilled negotiator may do well in your customer sales department but have you asked her how she would feel about trying sales? Give it shot, amazing shifts could transpire, especially if you know that they could be doing a lot better. Opportunities are the spice of our work lives.

2. Recognition.
If you notice an employee’s performance dwindling, this generally means that they are looking for greener pastures elsewhere and working far less at their current position. Work motivation shifts through cycles but if it becomes entrenched in a down cycle based on a habitual pattern, you may need to help detour your employee out of their current mind set. To do this, you need to shake this employee out of their conundrum and recognizing individuals for positive contributions is a great way to achieve this. Recognition goes a long way with peoples devotion, it is proven when individuals receive attention or recognition they work harder and this may help them out of their slump.

3. Ask Them.
If your once star player is sitting in the bleachers, maybe it’s time you found out why. Have you asked this person what is going on? Maybe there is an employee entanglement that needs to be sorted out or perhaps they are having some personal things to sort out. A minor adjustment or just a chance to vent may set this employee back on track. Keep in touch with your people and you will be able to turn around mishaps before they happen.

4. You're Fired!
Firing for underperforming is an extreme choice but sometimes it is the only choice. If you do not see any chance of improvement after you have exhausted all other options then this may be the best decision. Life choices or circumstances cannot always be repaired or altered, if there are bad feelings harbouring maybe it is best to say goodbye, as these people can be cancer to your organization and it is best dealt with immediately.

People who perform poorly, not only drag down your organization, they also bring down your current star performers. As a manager it is your job to help redirect these individuals through motivation and guidance to bring out the best in your employees.

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Kari Waldner is the owner of Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning, a janitorial service company that offers janitorial services to businesses located in Saskatoon. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact her at kariwaldner@scrubmasters.ca or visit their web page at scrubmasters.ca.