When you are running a business, the network and the server are the integral parts of the business for your daily operations. Now, managing this complex system can be a real headache for you. For a small business, it is difficult to afford a fully dedicated in-house team for such tasks. This is where managed IT service providers come in.

The priority for all the IT support companies Atlanta is, securing your network in the first place. Obviously, when all your dealings, as well as transactions, are happening online, it is necessary that you ensure complete security of your network so that, in 2020, you can avoid any unprecedented risks. Now, how can you do that? Even though the company of IT services Atlanta you are hiring is offering you spam filtering, antivirus, security training, firewall, and multifactor authentication, sometimes these are not enough. Take a look at the following points to know how you can ensure a better network security.

Spot Anomalies and Limit Impact:

To spot the red flags in the network traffic, first, you need to know how normal network usage behavior looks like. Unless you are familiar with that, you will keep missing out on the slight changes in the traffic flow caused by some malicious activities until it is too late. So, make sure that you and the MSP you are hiring is following the right protocols and security standards set by the authorities. Establish optimal visibility in the network with an inventory of both hardware and software assets which will help you and the IT services provider Boulder and Atlanta spot any suspicious activity quickly.

Hardware and Software Asset Inventory:

You might not realize but there are too many vulnerable physical endpoints in your network that can pose a huge risk for your business. It can be anything, the good old printer lying at a corner desk or a hidden switch on the drywall. Proper vulnerability analysis by going through the PCs, IoT devices, network ports and protocols are necessary. This way keeping an eye on the malicious activities can be easier. At the same time, endpoint user education is necessary. Using default passwords for ages, turning off the ports of the unused machines, not checking the firewall regularly, such negligence can cause mayhem in your company.

Secure Configuration Devices:

Loose ends can be the biggest vulnerable points in your network. So, instead of keeping them that way, secure the. More secure configuration, scanning networks, and more fundamental measures can go a long way for you.

Disaster Recovery Plan:

Last but not the least, having a disaster recovery plan is not a bad thing for you. Yes, you and the managed IT service provider Atlanta have taken all the measures to protect your network from any risks. But what if a breach happens and takes a toll on your operations? That is why assessing risks and chalking out a disaster recovery plan can be the best option for you.

So, now as you know about these ways you can ensure the security of your network, what are you waiting for? Implement these strategies in your plan and ensure more security for your data and devices for uninterrupted operations.

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Cameron is a famous blogger and is associated with managed IT service provider Atlanta. Here he writes on beefing up network security with companies of managed IT services Atlanta.