If you’re having a friends reunion and got all your peeps from high school or college together, then this certainly calls for a celebration. But just a dinner and a movie seems kind of lame, doesn’t it? That’s why it’s time you start thinking bigger. Think about taking a weekend or mid-week getaway. No need for there to be awkward tension between you and your posse. Do something active and fun and you can make this event one for the ages. Here are four ideas on what to do in Gatlinburg with a bunch of brothers and sisters, a vacation to remember!

Visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, #1 in the United States!

If your friends have never actually been to a national park, the Smokies is one of the best to start with, as it has epic Appalachian scenery and hospitality. Eleven million people visit every year, though the population is as little as 4,000. There are 800 miles of backcountry to explore, including 600 miles of hiking trail and 150 trails total. Within the park, there are waterfalls, valleys and natural wildlife to see, record and talk about. These are territories that have been undisturbed for literally thousands of years and it’s so natural, in fact, that new animal species are discovered in the park every year.

Rent a cabin and commune with nature.

A cabin rental is sort of like camping but without the whole “roughing it” and sleeping on rocks part. Why not, instead, sleep in a comfy cabin? You get the same wilderness feel, peace and relaxation, no annoying neighbors or street noise, and yet with all the amenities of a hotel—like a stove and bed. The DiamondRentals cabin company can provide you with a cabin according to your personal needs.

Visit Downtown Gatlinburg for city-like entertainment without city stress.

In Downtown Gatlinburg, you have restaurants, attractions, arts and crafts shops, and wonderful stroll areas, such as the downtown parkway, which ones straight from one end of the downtown area to the other. Here you can eat at some fine restaurants, buy some souvenirs, and take a look at the river walk. Along the way, you can walk the Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community with over 100 shops. At night, it’s back to the downtown area for live entertainment, as well as the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre and The Mentalist magic show. Fun for the whole family.

Enjoy rides for kids and adults.

While the most famous Gatlinburg attraction is the GatlinburgMountainCoaster.com, a roller coaster set upon the mountains, there are actually several rides worth trying around the area. Some of the most popular attractions include the Aerial Tramway with spectacular views, the Gatlinburg Ski Area and Amusement Park with a snow tubing park and ski mountain, and the Motion Ride Movie Theater, which simulates .
Virtual reality, and even and “Earth Quake Ride” at Parkway, with live action technical special effects.

There are literally dozens of theme park style attractions spread throughout Gatlinburg, not to mention the great wildlife. The next time you have a special occasion among friends, give them a great memory!

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