Chronic prostatitis is a common disease, accounting for more than 30% of male genitourinary system diseases. Generally speaking, it is difficult to cure the disease in a short time. Because it is harmful not only to the body but also to mental health, so, chronic prostatitis must be treated actively. For bacterial prostatitis, doctors generally recommend oral antibiotics.

But for nonbacterial prostatitis, people may choose the Chinese medicine treatment, like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can not only eliminate symptoms but also fundamentally cure the disease.

According to the expert clinical observation statistics, more than 50% of chronic prostatitis patients have anxiety, depression, fear, pessimism and other over tense symptoms, which seriously affect the quality of life of patients.
Therefore, in addition to drug treatment, psychological treatment and nursing should be strengthened to recover as soon as possible.

1. Get more knowledge about the disease

Experts analyze that they know nothing about chronic prostatitis and don't know how to seek medical treatment is an essential factor to cause patients' psychological diseases. It should be reminded that some media's propaganda of the disease lacks scientificity or exaggerates the harm of the disease or promises to cure it quickly and easily.

This propaganda either caused mental tension or increased the patient's fluke psychology, which was different from the individual's desire due to the advertisement seeking medical treatment and taking medicine. If the patient knows more about the disease and follows the doctor's advice to insist on the treatment, he will not worry.

2. Eliminate worries and dare to face diseases

Many patients with chronic prostatitis will suffer from anxiety, depression, fear, pessimism and other psychological disorders due to introversion and shyness. Only in the face of reality and timely seek medical advice to the doctor to tell the symptoms of their disease and related conditions truthfully, can patients prevent and remove mental disorders and actively cooperate with them for effective treatment.

3. Develop healthy sexual awareness and good sexual behavior

Some patients are not willing to go to the regular hospital for treatment due to improper sexual behavior. Some patients are worried about sexual dysfunction, which will affect the relationship between husband and wife, and they will be nervous all day long. These mental disorders make the psychological burden of patients increase directly affect the treatment and will lead to the poorer and poorer curative effect.

Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis should actively and thoroughly correct their bad sexual behavior and establish a healthy and upward sexual concept and consciousness to get complete spiritual relief.

4. Pay attention to psychological nursing to eliminate patients' concerns

Chronic prostatitis patients often increase the family burden and psychological pressure because of long-term treatment. Family members should pay more attention to give more care to eliminate all kinds of ideological concerns of patients.

Warm tips

Chronic prostatitis is a common disease. Men should take positive and correct measures with the help of doctors. In addition, daily care should be done well; after all, the appearance of chronic prostatitis is related to the behavior and habits in life.

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