This is something familiar for most couples who have been married with kids to take care of where they lose out on the sexual spark that they had for each other. With time, things tend to fade away, and sex becomes a monotonous routine with nothing exciting about it.

This is where a Nuru massage comes to the forefront. While this massage is not all about having sexual pleasures but making preparations for the ultimate action. It is said that when you tantalise the right areas of the body, the senses awaken and that is when you know your hidden secrets. This is not just for a man but also for a woman. When the sexual senses activate, there is a sexual explosion that cannot be matched even to a hundred orgasms.

While you perform a Nuru massage with your partner along with an effort to rekindle your lost fun factor, here is what you should be doing.

Keeping Away Responsibilities for Sometime

It is a known fact when you have a family, responsibilities come along, and those become your priorities. When it comes to spending time with your partner, it is something that needs to be paid attention to as well. When you intend to spend time with her, leave alone everything behind and simply concentrate on the both of you. You could do this when no one is at home, and there aren't any chances of intrusions. Spending time along with your partner could bring back that lost fire.

Making Use of Lubricants

Nuru massage is the massage between two nude bodies and when there are gel lubricants to lather and smoothen things up, it becomes even better. While two bodies glide on each other with the help of Nuru gels, you get to feel that growing heat with each passing minute. While touching each other at the right places while exploring the bodies in the process is something that steams things up a bit.

Let Things Go with the Flow

With the use of fingers and the lips touching at all erogenous places of the body as that of the earlobes, the area between the legs, the crotch, the underarms, the nipples etc. there are high chances of arousal. Having control over the orgasms is the key while accumulating the good feeling and finally letting go once you have warmed things up. The touch between two bodies and that too in a sensual manner is something that can bring about a lot of change to the way you look at your relationship after all these years.

Get Help from the Experts

Letting experts for Nuru massage in London help you with the entire process can make things even better. While the both of you pay a visit and experience it, you get to know how jobs are undertaken and what should be done to ignite that spark in you. A live demonstration or probably an experience would allow you to perform the same with your partner while bringing back the spark.

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The author Has had close associations with those who are experts with Nuru massage in London and writes this article to help ignite the spark between couples.