Ask the average man to outline his penis care technique, and he might launch into stories about wearing athletic supporters during contact sports and always wearing a condom when having relations with a new partner. These are important preventive steps, to be sure, but a comprehensive penis care program might require just a touch more work and perhaps a few more products. Here are four steps that could form the foundation of a reasonable penis health care program.

Clean, Don't Scrub
When it comes to penis care, a gentle touch is always preferred. Unfortunately, men often use a scorched earth policy when they clean, reaching for astringent, antibacterial soaps that they then apply with rough washcloths. This might be a great way to clean stains and smells from the fingertips, but the sensitive skin of the penis was never designed to endure this kind of harsh treatment. In fact, skin that's abused this way can shrivel and scar up, and a tough penis is unlikely to either give or receive pleasure.

When it comes to cleansing, less really is more. Gentle soaps that contain no color or scent are appropriate for daily skin cleansing, and no washcloths are required. Uncircumcised men can slide back the foreskin, apply a touch of gentle soap with the fingertips, rinse well and put the foreskin back in place. Circumcised men can use this same technique, although no sliding of the foreskin will be required for them. A quick lather and rinse should do the trick for most men, and that washing should only happen about once per day.

Look for Changes
A brief self-examination, performed once per day, can help men spot changes in the skin of the penis, including:
• Rashes
• Raised bumps
• Painful spots
• Weeping sores

This is one time when browsing the self-help aisle at the pharmacy isn't recommended, as applying treatments to sensitive skin when the diagnosis is unclear could lead to an exacerbation of symptoms. If the symptoms don't disappear on their own, a call to the doctor might be in order. Men who perform a self-examination each day will know what the penis skin looks like when it's "normal," and they'll be able to talk to their doctors knowledgeably about the changes they've seen.

Be Kind
Masturbation is a healthy and natural part of being a sexual creature, but pulling with too much force or refusing to add in some protection between the rough skin of the palms and the delicate skin of the penis can lead to tiny tears and scratches that can turn into calluses and dead zones with less sensory capability. A few drops of lubricant can help to smooth the way, and using a bit of patience during these sessions might also help men avoid doing more damage. There's no shame in masturbation, so there's no need to punish the skin or hide the behavior and hope to get it over with as quickly as possible.

Protect the Skin
Lotions can help the skin to lock in moisture, allowing it to feel soft, smooth and responsive. Many commercial lotions, however, are full of additives and perfumes that can be much too powerful to place on a man's delicate parts. Products that have been specifically designed for the penis don't contain these kinds of detergents, colorings and scents, and they've been developed to nourish the skin without causing irritation. A penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can be applied after a warm bath or shower, when the skin is soft and supple, and in just a few days, men may find that they're more responsive than they ever thought possible.

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