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They say you’re only as old as you feel. While this old adage may be true for some, many people would also prefer to look as young or healthy as they feel no matter their age. There are different methods to try in order to put a halt to some of the more visible effects of the aging process. A combination of remedies, procedures, and products may help you get your inner self to show on the outside.

Grab an Extra Pillow

The skin around your face has a lot of elasticity. The soft nature of facial skin is great for molding the hundreds of expressions we might need to make to convey our attitudes. However, it can also cause some issues with appearances. During the sleep cycle, gravity causes some fluids to move to the skin around eyelids. This can cause reddish or puffy eyes that might add some years to a person’s face. Elevating the head with an extra pillow can encourage the fluid to move away from this area.

Consider Cosmetic Dermatology

Many professional dermatologists don’t simply treat problems with the skin. You can find experts that will perform procedures such as Botox injections in an effort to restore some of the youthful vigor to the face. If you are considering any such procedures, meeting and speaking with qualified surgeons can help to put you at ease and decide which options might serve your needs. They can also treat cosmetic damage to the skin, veins, and other things that might make one appear older than their actual age.

Change Your Wardrobe

Clothing choices don’t always make the person, but they can be a good place to start. There are a few ways a person could approach a more energetic wardrobe depending on their situation. Wearing a single color or mostly one color can help to elongate the appearance of the body. A bright, striking tie or scarf tends to give off a youthful vibe that people might notice subconsciously.

Occasionally Skip Meals

You don’t need to diet continuously to maintain a healthier self. If you skip one meal every few days or so, you can help your body speed up the production of HGH. In addition to some of its other benefits, HGH provides a boost to your collagen levels. Collagen is what can give a person plump or bright skin that looks young.
General wellness usually starts from the inside. It can involve changes in your habits, lifestyle, or attitudes about things. However, there is no reason that you can’t work on your outside to reflect the positive changes going on inside yourself. In addition to the tips here, keep an eye on your posture. A stooped posture creates a hunch that people associate with age.

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