Although catching a man's attention is easy-peasy, getting him to develop real affection for you is a whole different story. Yes, it is pretty much easy for any guy you like to like you back. The hard part is mastering the art of making him feel weak in the knees whenever he thinks about you. The difficult part is getting a grown man to developing deep love and feelings for you. But it is not impossible either.

Here are Some Useful Pointers:

1. Dress Lavishly, Smell Nice and Put Some Effort to Appear Attractive

Regardless of what they may claim, men are innately visual creatures. That's the reason a visually attractive woman will get hit on by more man than an average-looking one. In as much as some might claim that a woman's personality is as equally important as her beauty, her looks play a major role in getting a man to gravitate towards her. And this is especially true if he sees other men checking out, staring or ogling at you.
Men are very competitive and territorial when it comes to winning or wooing women. It is likely that his affection for you will increase several times fold when he notices other men want you.

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2. Connect With Him Beyond just the Physical

While flirty texts are cute, a man that you fancy will have some respect for you if you can maintain an intelligent conversation as well. Don't sit there and blush at every teaser he throws at you. Talk about your financial or career goals. Ask him about his life's aspiration and ambitions and let him know that you are just another pretty face.

3. That Lingering Soft Touch

Most men can resist a lot of things, but not that lingering soft touch from a woman he likes. So, the next time you are with him, be it just clasping hands or hugging each other goodbye, let that soft touch linger longer than it would be necessary. And if he is just starting to like you, that will make him spiral into some form of romantic haziness with you.

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4. Don't be too Available

It is human nature to covet the things we can't have and easily get tired of those that are in our immediate reach. That should tell you why men will pursue you for months then gradually become distant as soon as you start dating consistently. However, the trick is to maintain that initial spark you two shared when you first met by not being too available or always at his beck and call.

The Bottom Line

Maintain some distance and skip a few dates intentionally to let him know subconsciously that you also have a life to attend to. This is quite tricky as most guys would use this as an excusing to start flaking as well, especially if you end up overdoing it. However, if he has even the slightest idea of how precious/important you are in his life, he will feel the void of your occasional absence. And after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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