Coming to wearing sunglasses or probably any glasses of that sort, the first thing that comes to mind is keeping it safe and clean just so that you get to wear them for long and not watch it break or get damaged especially when you have invested money in it. Whether it is your biker goggles or the ones that you use for reading it is equally important to keep it in excellent condition.

While there are several who talk about ways to clean them or probably care for them from time to time, here are a few tips to help you increase its longevity and make you enjoy it for several days and months to come.

Do not Leave them on the Vanity Desk or the Bathroom

These are the areas that witness sprays from perfumes, lotions, hair products, powders, cosmetics and several other things that aren't good for the lenses as well as the frame of your eyewear. While these may seem nothing but is known to contain chemicals and lose dust that eventually settle themselves on the surface while causing damage little by little. Even if you forget to keep them at a safe place cover the eyewear with a cloth or a paper towel to prevent anything from settling on the surface.

Check the Direction of the Glasses When You Store Them

Whether you are keeping it aside for a short while or for a long time, ensure that you haven't kept it with the lenses facing down. You never know of the dirt that the surface has and any type of friction can cause the lenses to get scratched. Therefore, keep the glasses facing upwards or towards the sides and nothing that is damage causing for the lenses. It is also possible that you apply pressure on the lenses when you pick it p when it is facing downwards. This can also lead to its cracking.

Keep the Cases Handy

There are times when we either place the Harley sunglasses on our head or probably our pockets when not in use. Such an action can lead to the damage of the glasses. Therefore, try to carry along the case with you wherever you go. If the plastic cases are too bulky, try buying the ones that are compact and softer comparatively from the outsides. It fits pockets as well as purses without having to trouble you much while protecting the glasses well. If you are at home, try placing the spectacles on the stands if not the cases. Al of this prevents scratches and unexpected blows.

Use Nose Pads if You Have Long Lashes

It isn't just for women who apply extended eyelashes or probably heavy doses of mascara on the lash which eventually rubs itself on the glasses all the time while making it extremely uncomfortable, but difficult for men who have long lashes as well. When you have such problems, the eye makeup or probably the lash oils tend to make the lens dirty too often. When you wear a nose pad on the bridge of the nose, the glasses tend to stay lifted while staying protected.

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The author has had close associations with those that deal with Harley sunglasses and writes this article to help people maintain the longevity of their biker goggles.