Donating time and money to cancer research is one of the best ways to help protect and save the lives of people suffering from this frightening disease. Not everyone has plenty of extra cash to offer, but there are ways to raise funds for cancer research and related agencies, including the following tips.

Host an Awareness Event

If you have a personal or business website or are active on social media, you could organize a unique event to raise awareness of and contributions to cancer research. Many individuals have done this, including children, by posting videos or social media accounts of something they are doing to collect donations. It might be running laps if you are physically fit or painting pictures to be given away to the first five donors, for example, You can also start a crowd-sourcing project for a specific organization, like a child cancer donation charity.

Participate in a Charitable Fundraiser

Instead of organizing a fundraiser on your own, you can join an existing program as a volunteer to answer phones, post or mail receipts, and other tasks of that type at your convenience. Whatever you are able to do will be helpful and welcome. You can also recruit family members and friends to get involved as well and then celebrate together when an organization's goal is reached.

Sell Your Unused Items of Value

Many people have long-held possessions or collections that are valuable but unused. If they are collecting dust and no one in your family wants an old mink coat or a themed cannister collection, you can try selling them online or by having a yard sale. Toys, tools, books, and children's clothing are often popular items, among others. Whatever money you make, or a portion of it, can be donated to your favorite cancer research organization or charity.

Take a Temporary Second Job

If you are seriously motivated to make a donation to fight cancer, get a short-term second job. Walk the neighbors' dogs, write online Web content, mow lawns, or run errands for people who are elderly or who have disabilities. Work only as long as you want to earn income for a contribution. Commit your earnings to the cancer organization of your choice.

Committing your resources to help others is not only noble and inspiring, but it also contributes to personal health and happiness. Apply some of your creativity and diligence to help others in the battle against cancer, one of the leading killer diseases of our time.

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