As a soul you are a psychic being. As a child you were probably much more in touch with your psychic abilities than you are now. You may have felt a presence in your room, known what someone was thinking, remembered past lives or experienced a visitation from a deceased relative.

My father told me a story once that I found absolutely fascinating. My mother has relatives in Italy and when my parents were first married, they visited the family in Italy. My mother’s cousin, who had moved to New York, was also visiting at the same time, and had brought her two young children with her.

Since Dad couldn’t understand the Italian conversation going on with the adults, he started watching the children. They were all under the age of 5. The Italian children and American children were all playing together. An Italian child would say something in Italian and an American child would answer him in English. They played happily together like that for hours. Although they could not say words in each other’s language, they completely understood what the other was saying. It’s because they were really communicating psychically.

Developing your psychic ability is extremely valuable. When you trust your psychic impressions, you’ll be more decisive, confident and successful because you know what is right for you. You’ll release doubt and worry from your life.

You receive psychic impressions through 4 main avenues. These are your four types of perception:


Pay attention to your thoughts. You’ll “think” of ideas and solutions through your Clairaudient part. Through this gift you can have a mental conversation with your angels. I’ve received incredible insights recently simply by asking my guides a question mentally, and listening for the answer. Ask and you shall receive.


Through this gift you will have dreams that are vivid and symbolic. By visualizing yourself achieving your dreams and goals, you can create it in your life. You can “see” ahead to what is coming in your future through this gift.


This is the gift that many people think of when they talk about psychic ability or intuition. Through your prophetic gift you’ll have an inner knowing. You will receive ideas, inspirations and creative visions for your life and business. You’ll sense the future and already know how things are going to turn out. You’ll “just know” things without being able to explain how you know it.


Through your feeling gift you’ll receive gut feelings and hunches. You will have strong feeling impressions about what is right for you. This part of you is also incredibly sensitive to picking up other people’s feelings in the environment. Your feeling gift emanates through your hands and you have the ability to heal with the energy in your hands.

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