As you sleep, your body repairs itself. If you’re not waking up with a refreshed feeling, don’t normalize that experience. Become intentional about finding the culprit of this issue. If you’re struggling to fully relax before you fall asleep at night, consider the implementation of the following activities.

Read a Good Book

For a lot of people, the smartphone is a safety net. Everywhere they go, the smartphone goes with them. This includes the bed. The problem with bringing your smartphone to your bed is that the device emits lights that can stimulate the brain to stay awake. If you need to be entertained before you drift off to sleep, try relaxing with a really good book. Do not read an eBook. Instead, purchase the physical book and read it until you fall asleep.

Try Supplements and Medicinal Methods

Once you're dealing with a ton of anxiety because of a hectic day, it's okay to get some assistance in your goals toward relaxing. Try supplements and medicinal methods. Brew a hot cup of chamomile tea as it's known for its calming properties. Consider full spectrum CBD gummies in order to wind down a bit. Talk to your primary care physician about taking a sleeping aid or a relaxant in order to help you in the process of relaxing. If you're tightly wound, you might want to consider massage therapy before the end of a stressful night.

Develop a Bedtime Routine

It's understood and widely recognized that young children thrive within the confines of structure. The same is actually true for a lot of adults. Granted, you can still enjoy spontaneity within a semblance of structure. However, if you know that you have a routine to follow at night, it'll help your mind adjust to the transitions before you go to bed.

Monitor Stimulating Factors

If you're a coffee drinker or a consumer of any other caffeinated product, be mindful of when you consume the product. If you're used to drinking an iced coffee around 2 pm, that might impact your ability to decompress in the evenings. Monitor the stimulants by creating a cut-off point. You might need to cut off all coffee consumption after 12 pm.

Relaxation can make a major difference in the way you feel once you fall asleep. If you want to improve the quality of your life, take a look at the quality of your sleep. You don’t have to become fully reliant on copious amounts of coffee in order to feel your best. As you improve your resting experience, your waking life will change for the better.

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