According to a study by Vistaprint, the average small business owner spends about 8 hours a week on marketing efforts. Whether you think that sounds like a lot or a little, you no doubt want to get a good return on anything in which you invest 20 percent of your time!

So how can you simplify your efforts and also get better results? Try these four strategies:

Stop Being Creative. Yes, you read that right. Sometimes we overcomplicate marketing by trying to be creative in what we’re saying. But the truth is, some of the most powerful marketing campaigns and slogans are the ones that use customers’ exact words right back to them. So start listening to what your customers are actually saying. Hear the same phrase again and again? Bingo! Turn it into a headline on your website, the subject line for an email pitch or even the title of a brochure. But remember: Don’t try to improve upon it. Use it just like it is!
Pick One Thing. Offer it Multiple Ways. The problem with small business owners is that we’re motivated and multi-talented. Put those two things together and you can find yourself on a hamster wheel, trying to offer — and thus market — a smorgasbord of services and products.
The good news is that you can stop the madness. The key is to focus on doing one thing well and offering it at increasing price points. As the price goes up, so does the level of your investment, whether that’s providing deeper information or being more hands on. For example, you could offer a self-study course, a small group program and private, one-on-one work with you, all using your same “signature” system.

Stop Looking for New Clients. The most expensive thing to do in marketing is to reach and convert people who’ve never heard of you. Instead, try finding new opportunities to sell to the people who already know you, like you, and trust you. Remember: every solution leads to another problem. Find out what other “problems” your customers have after they’ve finished “phase one” of working with you, and you’ve found yourself a new stream of income.
Tap into Other Office Locations and Departments. One of the best things about working with corporations is that once you’ve gotten your foot in the front door, there are virtually limitless opportunities waiting for you. What I teach in my small group program is that you want to make sure you not only meet, but also exceed, your initial client’s expectations. From there, clients are usually more than happy to introduce you to others in the company that could also benefit from your services.
Outsource it. I believe when it comes to being successful business, you must “know thy self.” If you continually struggle with your marketing, or if it’s something you never find time for, then accept that fact… and then outsource it! There’s an ocean of capable marketing consultants, graphic designers and copywriters all ready, willing and able to help you get better results with your marketing. Two great places to find them are and

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