People often fail to exploit their true potential because they are limited not by resources, but by themselves. We underestimate our capabilities and give in too easily to doubt, fear and our bad habits, when we are in reality, capable of achieving much more. What are the common reasons that make people falter and stumble on their journey to success? What undermines success and separates success from breakdown? Here are 4 commonly made mistakes, avoid being victim to them yourself.

• Only wanting to do ¨certain¨ things
Lack of discipline is a sure shot way to failure. The importance of discipline in achieving a long term target should never be underestimated. Discipline doesn’t come easily, you need to be consistent and focus on the outcome. If you aim to be a successful athlete, for eg: you need to have a disciplined approach in your diet, exercise and daily routine. Giving into procrastination, feeling lazy, not pushing yourself when you need to and putting comfort before results; these habits do not bring you results. If you want to accomplish anything in life, you need to discipline yourself, to do the things you don´t want to do but needs to get done! Successful people make a habit of doing things they don´t like.

• Scared to move out of your comfort zone
Each of us has experienced the fear of failure, the fear of losing, making the wrong decision. Years down the line, when you reflect on your achievements in life, you don’t want to realize that you could have achieved a lot more than you did, if only you had been bold enough to follow your dreams. Don’t live a life that you will regret later on. What people fail to realize is that unless you take risks, you are not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, opening yourself up to amazing opportunities and experiences. There are of course ¨good¨ and ¨dumb¨ risks. However, all mistakes and perceived ¨failures¨ are lessons, which we must learn from and then keep going forward. Remember your rewards in life are always proportional to the risk undertaken and your actions taken.

• Not taking responsibility
It is always easy to hold someone else responsible for the situation one is in, but that is a weak-hearted approach. Only if you take command of things and consider yourself powerful enough to change the situation around you, you will be able to work things around. There is no point blaming the economy, your family or your boss and holding them responsible for not letting you progress in life, playing a victim. You need to take responsibility for your results, for your achievements and your actions. It is the only attitude to have if you want to succeed.

• Wanting to give up too soon
You cannot expect success without sweating for it. Success comes only after you perform your activities with dedication, time and continued efforts. Although there are likely to be many obstacles on your way, do not quit whenever you face a challenge. Obstacles and challenges are normal throughout your journey to success, it is how you deal and learn from these experiences that matter. People who give up at the slightest indication of struggle can never expect success. When you want to give up, remember why you held in for so long in the first place.

Awareness is the first step. What is the next step that you need to take to bring that you one step closer to what it is you want in life? And what is going to have to change to make that possible? Don´t give yourself reasons why you can´t do what you know you need to - give yourself reasons why you can!

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