Are you certain that you have made all wedding arrangements carefully? There is really no margin for error in such an important event as this. You’ll have to be especially careful when organizing wedding music because it is this that sets the tone for the event. Unfortunately, disasters have been known to happen, mostly because arrangements have not been made carefully.

Read about these wedding music disasters so that you do not commit the same mistakes as well.

1. The band does not have the necessary sound system and neither does the venue: If the band assumes that the wedding venue will have all the equipment it requires then a disaster is bound to happen. It is very important to find out exactly what the band requires and crosscheck it against what is available. It would be even better if the band could come and check out the venue in advance.

2. The acoustics of the venue are terrible: Just because a place is really beautiful does not mean that it is ideal for a wedding. Some places just swallow up sound, making it difficult for guests to hear a single word being spoken or sung or a note being played. If your band has the opportunity to practice in the venue before the event then it will at least be able to take the necessary remedial measures.

3. The band does not know when it has to perform: If the band has not been given a copy of the program along with necessary cues then there might be uncomfortable pauses in the wedding music from time to time. This is very likely to happen if the musicians are very inexperienced. It is a good idea to depute a trusted person to liaise with the band and provide them with all necessary information.

4. The band packs up and walks away even though the party is in full swing: Your band would have agreed to perform for a fixed duration only. However, your guests might just want to party longer. You should discuss this eventuality with your band at the time that you hire them. It’s also good idea to fix a certain fee for the extra time they play. It will also help if you treat them to a good meal and provide them with a place to relax in between sets.

It is a good idea to learn from other people’s mistakes when organizing wedding music. You’ll be happy with how things turn out if you plan for all possible eventualities.

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