The most important decision you can make when starting or changing your exercise routine is to make it something you'll see benefit from and enjoy. Exercise is a terrific habit to build, and habits are best built when they include a reward at the end. Whether that's a short term reward like a soak in a hot tub or a long term reward such as seeing greater muscle definition, your habit is more likely to stick if you find enjoyment at the end of the process. Here are a few workouts that could help you meet your fitness goals.

Beginning Weights

If you're new to certain types of exercise such as weight lifting, time with a personal trainer is a very good investment. Workouts that leave you too sore to move will not encourage you to continue. The best personal trainers have training in exercise science, and are good observers.

Qualified trainers can work with anyone at any fitness level because they carefully monitor the existing physical challenges while working for form and strength improvements. They are there to guide your workout by monitoring form as you build the movement memory to perform the exercise successfully and without injury.

Expanding Existing Weights Program

Lifting already and ready to bump up your weight level? Build a knowledge of your "rep max," or maximum weight you can lift for that number of reps. A good baseline for a free weight increase plan will keep you lifting with minimum discomfort.

Free weight workouts don't have to be confined to the gym. Keep smaller weights at your office for a quick set of fifteen to twenty reps when you need to burn off steam or get your mind back in focus. Your musculature will thank you and your need for a trip to the vending machines may be reduced!

Class Options

If weights don't appeal to you, consider yoga, Pilates or one of the many combination classes available. For those with busy schedules, some forms of exercise late in the day can make sleep a challenge. However, a yoga class late in the day may be just the thing to energize your body and calm your mind for a good night's rest.

Cardio Goals

There are many low-impact cardio options for anyone interested in raising their heart rate. While running is great cardio, the stress on knees and hips may be more than the body can tolerate. If your gym features machines but you're not comfortable with the trainers available, you need a better gym. Places like Halevy Life don’t just have trainers, but instead employ a staff that has earned at minimum a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science or a degree in a similar field.

Consult with a qualified trainer on how to use cardio machines at your facility to safely elevate your heart rate and build stamina. Any fitness plan expansion that doesn't include some guidance a) won't work long term, and b) may result in injury.

Overall Fitness

The most important feature in any fitness routine is accessibility. If timing, location, classes, equipment or staff at your gym is not to your liking, it will get in your way as you work to build this important habit. Review the quality of fitness facilities near you, and make a great decision for yourself.

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