Moving to a new home has always been a stressful experience and tenants who relocate for the first time, end of lease cleaning turns out no less than a nightmare. From decluttering, sorting, packing to the most dreaded cleaning job, house relocation can be stressful and risky, especially when tenants consider vacate cleaning to be the last hour job. Even the most experienced people end up with an inevitable rush at the final hour of move and risk the health of belongings and structural integrity of their leased apartment. If you are approaching your relocation date and want to secure full refund of your security deposit money, here are some common vacate cleaning mistakes you should never make.

Lack of Planning in Advance

Planning is key to successful house relocation and leaving end of lease cleaning for the last minute can surely issue a compliant certificate from the landlord. Regardless of the size and condition of the leased apartment, it’s important to prepare a checklist ideally a month or week before the final relocation date to expedite the cleaning job and make vacate cleaning fuss-free. Tenants who ignore preparing a checklist by hiring cleaning services in Sydney, end up with streaky floors, broken furniture and damaged walls and lose a significant portion of the bond money. 

Opting for DIY Approach

Most tenants consider themselves to be cleaning pro’s and undertake the plunge of vacate cleaning on their own without knowing the consequences they might end up with. DIY vacate cleaning fetches potential risks of damage to property along with its belongings and result in financial loss. Whereas a professional bond cleaning company uses high-quality equipment and products to ensure a perfectly cleaned apartment, amateurs fail to match up to the standard and meticulous cleaning expectations of landlords and end up compromising a significant portion of the security deposit money. 

Using Toxic Chemicals on Carpets

Each carpet type is different and so is their cleaning requirement. Before applying any solvent or random cleaning detergent, it’s important to test a sample to mitigate the risk of carpet discolouration or damage. Soaking carpets in water or excessive moisture penetration during DIY carpet cleaning can damage the padding and make the problem even worse. In order to stay away from the risk of financial loss at the time of move-out, it’s wise to delegate the job of carpet steam cleaning to Sydney cleaning services and ensure a fuss-free and peaceful relocation. 

Leaving a Grimy Oven & Dishwasher

A hive of germs and bacteria thrive on oven and dishwasher and leaving them as it is can undoubtedly agitate any landlord. Hence, it’s always advisable to clean dishwasher and oven a week before the final move-out date to avoid splurging unnecessary dollars on a re-cleaning job. Tenants who ignore deep cleaning oven and dishwasher during end of lease cleaning in Sydney end up with a financial loss and unnecessary delay in relocation.

Now that you are aware of the common end of lease cleaning mistakes, avoid repeating them in your case to secure fill refund of your deposit money. If you find this article helpful, let us know your feedback. We would love to hear from you! 

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