Revamping interior walls with vibrant paint coats can enhance the visual aesthetics and boost the curb appeal of your property if executed in a proper manner. While interior painting may seem to be exciting and overwhelming, the process isn’t that easy. A slight mistake can ruin your paintwork and prevent you from getting the desired outcome. However, homeowners who take the plunge of interior painting on their own out of sheer excitement cause more damage than good and end up making these costly blunders. 


  • Not Using Painter’s Tape


Painter’s tape is a protective material that can minimise use of excessive paint on edges. It defines edges and crevices and leaves behind a neat and professional line between the surfaces. For instance, if you want to paint a specific portion of walls with decorative trims, painter's tape can help you get a defined look and differentiate the highlighted area from the rest of the walls. It usually protects the corners of room, switchboards, door and window frames from getting affected by paint splatters. Homeowners who neglect using painter’s tape end up with an inferior quality of work and fail to justify their investment.


  • Not Prepping the Surface 


The success and longevity of your paintwork will mostly depend upon how well you prepare the surface. Although primer can help you get smooth and flawless paint finishes but that won’t be possible if you neglect to treat cracks in advance or cover up imperfections on surface walls. Existing cracks, dents, scratches and debris can lead to major faults such as uneven paint coats and cause paint to peel off early. Amateur painters who take the plunge of interior painting services in Springfield without having proper domain expertise end up causing structural damages to their property and opt for a repainting job before the expected time.


  • Choosing Wrong Paint Sheen


Once the prepping is done, it’s time to apply paint on walls. Homeowners who use wrong sheen during interior painting get unattended look and feel. When it comes to choosing paint finishes, the market is flooded with a plethora of options such as gloss, semi-gloss, matte and the sheen in colours determine the level of glossiness of the paint once it gets dried. When it comes to choosing sheen according to your personal taste and preferences, you need to be careful as excessive gloss or shine may spoil your paintwork and make your investment go in vain.


  • Choosing Inferior Quality Paint


Upon finalising the desired paint finish, you need to select the right type of paint suitable for the job. High-quality undercoats and primers can help you get flawless results and hence, you need to choose paints that are vibrant and long-lasting. Go with reputable brands that feature impressive characteristics and are durable and washable. However, if you aren’t a pro or lack domain knowledge, you can consult with experts offering professional painting maintenance in Western Suburbs Brisbane regarding the best paint options.

Being aware of these common interior painting mistakes can help you get flawless results and long-lasting paint job.  If you like this post share with your friends and leave your feedback.

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