The Forex trade is a great fruit tree ripe for the picking and you should get into the Forex trade now rather than later. Why, you may ask? This article will attempt to educate you on why the Forex market is so good and why you should jump at the opportunity (especially at this point of the economic market) and start to speculate on currency. I will give you 4 irresistible reasons to get into the Forex trade now and not any later.

One, this is a true 24 hour, right to ripes, 7-11 of markets that allows you unlimited access into your trading accounts and access into a market that you can read at any one time, wherever you are in the world. When it comes to your money, I’m sure everyone believes in having the power to be in control, of being behind a sort of command and control centre to nit pick at your investments. Having the ability to observe the market’s jitters and fluctuations in real time is a boon, a jewel in the rough for the investor. You should never be left in the dark when it comes to your investments and the currency market is one of the most dynamic markets of all, affected acutely by political, economic and world affairs very, very easily.

Opening your trading account gives you anywhere from a 10 to 1% percent margin on the money you deposit with your broker. What this means is that you can have anywhere from 100 to ten times the amount of money that you originally had to start with, and this amount can be used to give you a larger field of play in the market. This means you are not limited to making small investments that might not make you great profits. A word of warning though, with such margins come great considerations to be made, so invest modestly and let your market wiles grow first before you start to throw some big money into the equation.

The Forex trade is different from the stocks, equity and even futures, in that such trades have limits for you to trade with and you are limited by the amount of transactions you can make and even the amounts you can play with. With such a rigid structure, why shouldn’t you turn to a market that has no limit to the amount of investments or transactions, or even the amounts of currency you can control? A market with no limit is a market that only a neo-Marxist economist with a penchant for profits could dream about.

The Forex trade also is also extremely transparent; it is almost see through. The fact that you get the highest levels of market lucidity is one of the best features of this market. Order executions and confirmations of transactions happen in a matter of seconds and this means you can see results happening in front of your very eyes and you can almost feel the profits filling out your pocket. Isn’t that irresistible enough?

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