Investigating a home based business!

When looking for a home based business it is important to investigate it thoroughly. Does the company have the leadership needed to help you succeed? What about the product? Is it something that offers value to those who purchase it? Is there a valid third party endorsement or other reason to believe that the product or service will hold the attention of the consumer long enough for them to take a serious look?

When I look for a home based business not only do I want to find a company that has the financial backing to deliver on its promises, but one that has a CEO & founder who leads with integrity.

Does the product or service deliver?

Of course there are many goods and services offered through in-home businesses model. However, more than any other time in history, folks are looking to the wellness industry for solutions for a healthy lifestyle. But if a product does not deliver, consumers won't continue to purchase it. Does your product deliver? Does it offer a real health benefit?

What do others think of your product or service? Is there a third party endorsement?

A third party endorsement, although nice to have, often does not have a great deal of meaning. To be of value, the endorsement must come from an expert in the product or service who comes from a place of integrity or believability. If not, the endorsement means little to the consumer. Giving the consumer a product of value often ensures repeat purchasing and retention, and which helps to grow a network marketing or home based business.

Does the compensation plan benefit everyone?

Compensation plans vary, but often because of their structure many plans are designed in such a way that much of the money goes back to the company, thus reducing the amount the business owner receives. Does your company offer a fast start bonus (one that pays more than 30 days)? Do they offer a fast start bonus pool, matching bonuses and more. Do they reward performance? If not then most generally the Independent Executive is not the one making the money and growing their business. More than likely it's the company that is benefiting the most from YOUR efforts. There are exceptions but they are rare, so be sure you're with the right company and opportunity.

It's important to do your own research, ask questions and find a company that is right for you!

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Darlene Tabler is a passionate network marketer, health advocate and researcher who leaves no stone unturned as she searches for the truth regardless of the topic.

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