It has been many years ago but I still remember it as though it was only last month. I was in the sixth grade and we were told by our teachers that we were going to sell magazine subscriptions. This excited me and I was raring to get out and start selling because of the promised prizes we could win. I looked over the prizes and decided I wanted a beautiful tiger that was a pajama holder that would sit on my bed.

We were given the booklet and signup sheets and off I went after school to “win” (work my fanny off would be a better description) my tiger. My town had a population of 2,500 people. I planned where I would go and how many hours I would spend knocking on doors.

I remember at one home the woman didn’t want any magazines but I was determined to make a sale so I showed her husband the booklet with the pictures of the magazine covers to pick from. He said he didn’t read much. I asked him what he did like to do and he said watch T.V. I had just the magazine for him. T.V. Guide was about six years old at that time. Yes, I did make the sale. He probably bought it just to get rid of me.

On a Friday morning a couple of weeks after the selling date had closed I was getting ready for school and my mom suggested that I wear a nicer outfit than what I had on. Being my normal stubborn self I argued with her about changing my clothes.

The reason she suggested that I change was because they were throwing a surprise party for me as I had sold more magazines than anyone in our school. Our class trooped down to the Home Economics room where there were balloons and a giant cake and fruit punch. Everyone had known about the surprise but me.

The officials from the company presented me with my tiger (I used it on my bed for years every morning stuffing it with my pajamas so it would be fat and fluffy). I also received a pair of opal earrings surrounded by rhinestones (very tacky) and a matching necklace. I was thrilled with these and some other lesser prizes.

This early experience of selling magazines taught me a lot about how to organize clutter but I sure didn’t know it at the time.

The first thing was that I had a goal. When we are organizing clutter in our homes we absolutely must set goals to work toward. When we become discouraged or feel overwhelmed by keeping our goal in mind it helps us to keep on working towards the goal we have set. My goal was the tiger.

We were given supplies so we could go out and sell. Supplies for organizing clutter are things like plastic bags. Label one for trash, donate, to sell and have a BE basket (belongs elsewhere). Use a measuring tape to measure the size of space you need containers for so you’ll be sure to get the correct size when you are at the store.

I made a plan of where I would sell and how many hours I would be out selling. When organizing clutter set a timer, when it rings give yourself permission to walk away and come back later so you don’t get burnt out. Making a plan helps you to focus and you’ll get more done in a shorter length of time.

When obstacles come up to clearing clutter work around it, don’t just give up. I know kids, obligations, meetings; meal time and your significant other can sometimes seem like obstacles. Teach them and tell them what you are going to accomplish to solicit their cooperation. By coming up with a solution is how I sold the man the T.V. Guide magazine.
When you reach your goal of organizing clutter you will be thrilled with your progress and the “prize” or reward that you’ve earned. It could be the peace you feel, the happiness in being able to find things, the relief at not having to keep moving that pile from place to place. Organizing clutter will free you up to do other things with your time.

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Marilyn is a published author and professional organizer. She is a sought after public speaker who is passionate about teaching women and seniors how to organize their life and reduce clutter in their homes and office. You can buy her new book 'Go Organize! Conquer clutter in three simple steps' which is now in all major bookstores and her website.

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