In today marketplace, uncertainty seems to be the constant as we embrace our new economy. What used to work for many businesses to generate sales and increase profits now does not work. Many in the information marketing world have had to face the fact that buyers now want something different.

What is the best way to access “different” when the world around you all looks the same? Model other industry success stories. As a matter of fact, if you look closely at super star entrepreneurs who are thriving in the midst of uncertainty, you’ll notice that they all have four factors in common that position them for consistent, predictable growth.

These are the four factors than when used together position you to grow exponentially, make an impact on the world and enjoy the freedom that comes from doing what you do best all day long. I call it The CEO Factor™. As you read these four factors below, notice where you are in your business with them.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are still “doing” too much and “leading” too little. They solve problems in the short term but never look at the long-term outcomes. Leaders hold the vision and set the direction. Leaders attract the right players to help achieve the vision. How much leading are you REALLY doing…or are you still stuck in too much of the doing? It’s time to shift from short-term thinking and problem solving to becoming the steward of your long term success.

We all know we should delegate, have systems and automate to streamline our efforts. The kind of leverage we are talking about here is more advanced. It’s what I call Innovative Leverage. Do you REALLY have the best leverage in place to accomplish your big dream? Are you thinking like a CEO of a multi-million dollar business who is focused on the top 20%? Are you spending at least 80% of your time doing what you do best? It’s time to implement more advanced leverage strategies to remove all of the bottlenecks to building a true empire.

Why is it that many entrepreneurs hold back from creating their empire? Because they are afraid they will have to give up their life! As you build your business, somehow your lifestyle dreams get crowded out. Starting with the end in mind is part of how you know you’ve created enough. If you don’t have an end goal then you will continue to drive yourself towards some unknown goal and there will never be an end. When is enough, enough? It’s time to get crystal clear about what your life is really supposed to be about…and redesign your business to support that goal.

As an entrepreneur you are going to leave behind a footprint. So think about this for a minute. Is what you are leaving behind something you are proud of? Does it align with your most precious values and priorities? Will you know you completed your life’s work if you stay on the path you are on today? Is it making a difference in the world—to the right people? It’s time to take ownership of the full impact you’re leaving behind in this world – and do something about it while you still can!

With these four factors in place, a business owner can start making the shift from being the employee in their own business into being a true visionary. This is where you find the “out of the box” ideas, the innovative approaches and even be able to recognize that the tides have changed.

The name of the game here is to start thinking and acting like the CEO (Chief Entrepreneurial Officer) of the business you want. These four factors, when they are present in your business structure, will be the foundation for that consistent predictable income.

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