Our ultimate mission in life is to achieve happiness. People seek it, but it eludes many of us. Perhaps it is because we cannot decide on what the definition of true happiness actually is!

I guess that happiness is essentially the absence of pain and sorrow. But that description only elevates you to a neutral position. What do you need to do to bring your emotions higher, and place yourself on a level of being very content with your life? The important phrase is "What do you need to do?" You must take action to achieve what you want.

Here are some steps to take stock to help you bring more fulfillment and happiness into your life.

1) Carry out an inventory of what you already have in your life. Make a long list of all of the good things you have. As well as material possessions, your list should include the names of friends and family, and the talents and strengths that you have.

2) Look through your list, and be so very grateful for what you have. If you are grateful for the wonderful relationships with your friends and family, tell them. When looking through your list of talents and strengths, are you using these to benefit yourself and others? If not, write down ways in which you can utilise these to their full advantage.

3) Reflect on your life, and write down your major achievements. This is a wonderful way to boost your self-esteem and confidence in yourself. By writing your accomplishments down, you can then acknowledge and fully appreciate what you have done in your life. Congratulate yourself on these achievements.

4) Now that you have your list of what you have and what you have achieved, write down a list of things that you don't have and don't want in your life. This is probably a list that you have never, ever compiled before! Here, you should write down the things that you are grateful for not having in your life. Examples may be that you are grateful for not having a particular life threatening disease, or that you are not homeless.

Take stock of what you have in your life, and show gratitude for these. Reflect on your achievements. These steps will help you appreciate your life so much more, and you will have started on your journey to happiness.

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An advocate of Positive Psychology, Jan encourages others to learn to be Positive Thinkers and Achievers through her digital training materials and courses.