When you wake up, your brain's alpha waves are powerfully flowing. No other time of the day is more influenced by our own actions and thoughts than right now.

Again, we have the great ability to program how we feel. The first 32 seconds after you awake are the most sensitive. Many people start to stress about their day at this time without realizing it.

Your alpha waves also supply a bridge from conscious to subconscious which provides a smooth transition from your state of sleep to your state of being fully awake. If you use an alarm clock to scare or jolt you awake, you are not giving your body and brain the natural transition that it needs. And if you cannot wake up without blurring alarm, then you are not getting enough sleep period.

Try waking up to soft music or CD of natural sound. Allow enough time to drift awake instead of using the snooze button. Some of us have become best friend with Mr. Snooze button. I promised the snooze bar is not your friend. He in fact is one of your greatest enemies. This is where programming comes back in the play.

Actions speak louder than word.

By hitting the snooze; you are telling yourself that you have not had enough sleep yet that you are tired and you start dreading the day and the whole cycle of negative thoughts begin without you even realizing it. When you awake naturally it is much easier to smile and say, “It’s going to be a great day.”

This will seem strange the first couple of mornings and what will probably happen is you will laugh at yourself, and feel a little corny. So what?! Can you think of a more positive way to begin the day than with a smile and maybe even a little chuckle? If you can, great, use it. (And tell me about it! Post a comment below)

This is a very simple habit that anyone could do, but it must become a habit.

So for the next 21 days take these steps:

1. Program yourself with positive phrases before you go to sleep.
2. Wake yourself with something peaceful and soothing.
3. Allow yourself to drift awake without using the snooze.
4. Make the first thing you do be positive – smile and say, “It’s going to be a great day.”

These four steps will bring joy to your life, if you follow them and make them habits.

Be Free!

Tom Weber
VP of Sales

PS – Try those 4 steps for a few nights and let me know how you begin to feel by posting a comment below.

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