Motivational Marketing Weapon #5: Never Again

Two of the most powerful words in success language are “never again.” Affirmation #65 is “Never again will I retreat when the enemy of fear attacks my dream.” Never means not ever and at no time. When the enemy of fear knows you will not back down and you will never retreat again, you are already one step ahead.

How many times have you retreated? How many times have you bowed down the enemy of fear? Close your eyes and imagine a time that something was too hard and you ran away instead of facing it. Fear got its grips in you and you fled. Do it now. Close your eyes and imagine a time that happened to you.

Now open your eyes and says this out loud, “Never again will I retreat when the enemy of fear attacks my dream!” Say it again. Doesn’t that feel good? Never again!

Remember, it doesn’t make a difference what anybody else is doing or what type of business you own. You will NEVER AGAIN back down from fear. You will NEVER AGAIN be a follower in failure. When you vow to NEVER AGAIN be the pawn of the enemy of fear, you will unleash a wave of power in your life that nothing can stop.

When you choose not retreat, miracles will show up at your door. Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Your supernatural miracle is standing at your door, because you didn’t flee from the enemy. Do you believe it? Do you truly believe and receive the absolute fact that when you stand up for yourself and your Why that great things will start to happen?

I know it’s uncomfortable, because you’ve always ran away before so you weren’t able to see the miracles that were waiting for you. You are different now and you have made a declaration that NEVER AGAIN will you retreat. So, start looking for your supernatural miracles!

Motivational Marketing Weapon #6:

Organized, Forward-Moving, Construction Zone

This is a very controversial weapon and comes from Affirmation #69, “I am living in an organized forward-moving, profitable, life-changing construction zone.” Weapon #6 is an “organized, forward-moving, construction zone.” If you’re not personally organized, then you’ll never be able to bring organization to your business. All of my top students that are experiencing supernatural miracles in their life have an organized, forward-moving construction zone. I said construction zone not a destruction zone.

Let’s take Dorcie Farkash for instance. Dorcie’s construction zone at TW Design is a clean, inviting space that empowers her to build her business. Her affirmations are posted on the wall in front of her and she is surrounded by photos of her family. She refers to it as her construction zone not her office, because the word “office” has a negative connotation. Dorcie is building her billion dollar, life-changing business in her organized, forward-moving construction zone.

What if I knocked on your door right now and asked to take a look at your construction zone? What would I see? Is it organized and forward-moving or is it a complete mess that makes your feel trapped? If you’re living in clutter and disorganization, you will never succeed. No questions asked. You will absolutely never succeed.

One of the biggest barriers that I often see to an organized, forward-moving construction zone is the “just in case” mindset. You have all kinds of garbage cluttering your space “just in case” you ever need it. There’s no way that you can be organized if you can’t let go of useless stuff that you no longer need. Go into your construction zone right now. Are you there? If not, go in there now. If you can’t, then close your eyes and imagine your construction zone. What do you see? Do you see a bunch of stuff that you haven’t used in six months or longer? If so, get rid of it!

Give it all away or if it has absolutely no value, then throw it away. If you are saving stuff for that “just in case” moment in life that never comes, then just quit. That’s right. I said it. Just quit, because I don’t want you to be under the false assumption that you are going to achieve success while you are sitting in a dump that you call your office. Is that harsh? Yes, but it’s true. Clutter controls you and your destiny!

If you even dare to mumble under your breath, “Well, I wonder what his construction zone looks like?” Let me just tell you straight up that you couldn’t handle my construction zone. It’s an organized, forward-moving, miracle-creating machine! Right in front of me I have my original dream board from 1990 which says, “John Di Lemme has built a billion dollar company on guts and service.” Yes, I’ve been looking at that miraculous declaration since 1990, and I have no doubt in my mind that it’s going to happen. What have you been looking at for the last twenty years? If you say nothing, then guess what you are going to achieve…nothing! But the good news is that you can change that by creating your own dream board in your new organized, forward-moving construction zone.

I want to give you a bonus affirmation that ties into this motivational marketing weapon. Affirmation #108 declares “I am eliminating all distractions now in my life to ultimately live my why.” When you have an organized, forward-moving construction zone, there are no distractions that will stop you from achieving your supernatural miracle or coming up with that supernatural idea that will forever change your business.

Before you go any further in this book, I want you to get busy on your organized, forward-moving construction zone. Don’t allow it to overwhelm you. Take fifteen minutes per day to get rid of unneeded stuff and then start building your dream board of daily affirmations, photos and anything else that empowers you to achieve your Why. I want to see it when you are done so send a photo to

Motivational Marketing Weapon #7: Change Your Habits

Last but not least, the final weapon comes from Affirmation #121, “My habits predict supernatural miracles.” Habit is defined as “a usual or established behavior.” Basically, it’s something that you do all the time without much thought. It’s second nature.

What are your habits? What’s that one thing that is second nature or just comes naturally? For example, if you were to throw a basketball to Michael Jordan, he would catch it. Even if he was in the middle of a conversation, he would likely catch the ball without thinking about it. It comes natural to him, because he’s been doing it his entire life. For years, he practiced and trained to be one of the very best basketball players in history. My favorite Michael Jordan quote is “If you quit once, it becomes a habit. Never quit!” He fully understands that one decision will develop a habit that could change the course of your future. Michael Jordan’s success lies in his daily habits and refusal to quit.

Now, let me ask you again. What are your habits? Take a minute to think about what you do every day that has become a developed habit – good or bad. For me, it’s exercise and self-development. No matter where I am in the world I will exercise and do my self-development, which I like to call my Morning Miracle Preparation. I drink a gallon of water every day without hesitation. These are my habits that empower me to face my day with strength and live in an atmosphere of supernatural expectation that miracles will happen in my life.

Unfortunately, the word “habit” has a negative undertone. When most people think of a habit, they reflect on the self-destructive things that they do in life such as smoking, drinking, laziness, etc. When you shift your focus from bad habits to good ones, your life will change and most of those bad habits will fade away.

For instance, if you make a decision to create a new daily habit of eating healthy and exercising every day, then it will be harder for you to continue smoking and drinking. The two habits just simply don’t go together and it’s hard for them to coexist. In the end, one habit will win over the other, and it’s your decision as to which one it will be.

Similarly in business, fear and faith cannot go hand in hand. The enemy of fear cannot live in the faith zone, where you are saying your daily affirmations, immersing yourself in daily personal development, building your business on a solid foundation of integrity, and focusing on long-term relationships with your clients. Those are just a few habits that annihilate the enemy of fear.

Once you’ve established your faith zone and those daily habits come second nature to you, I guarantee your customers will take notice and your business will explode. There’s no stopping the supernatural miracles that will occur in your life once you make the decision to change your habits.


I encourage you to write out all of the 7 Motivational Marketing Weapons and the individual affirmations so that you can put them in your organized, forward-moving construction zone. Post them right in front of you so the weapons are handy when you face a battle. Declare the affirmations over your life every single day as part of your new Morning Miracle Preparation. I believe in you and know that you will conquer the enemy of fear!

Author's Bio: 

In September 2001, John Di Lemme founded Di Lemme Development Group, Inc., a company known worldwide for its role in expanding the personal development industry. As President and CEO, John strives for excellence in every area of his business and believes that you must surround yourself with a like-minded team in order to stay on top of your game.

In addition to building a successful company, John has changed lives around the globe as an international motivational speaker that has spoken in over five hundred venues. Over the past thirteen years, he has shared the stage with the best of the best including Rich Devos, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn, and Les Brown only to name a few. This is truly an amazing feat for someone that was clinically diagnosed as a stutterer at a very young age and told that he would never speak fluently.

John truly believes that everyone needs personal development to reach their full potential in life, and his determination to reach all forms of media with his motivational messages has catapulted his career. John has produced over four hundred fifty products and is an accomplished author of thirteen books including his best-selling book, “47 Secrets of Extreme Customer Service.” As a Strategic Business Coach and Small Business Expert, John’s students include doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, consultants, CEOs of million dollar companies, and various other occupations that are thriving in a so-called poor economy. John’s success with his students has made him one of the most highly sought after business coaches in the world.

John’s passion is to teach others how to live a champion life despite the label that society has placed on them. Through his books, audio/video materials, sold-out live seminars, numerous television interviews, intensive training boot camps, weekly tele-classes, Strategic Business Coaching, Closing & Marketing University, Millionaire Affirmation Academy, Small Business Motivational Marketing Daily Tip, and Lifestyle Freedom Club memberships, John has made success a reality for thousands worldwide.