For people working online building relationships is often the farthest thing from their mind! What many focus on, at least initially, is increasing sales and they want results TODAY! The problem with this approach however is in order to build sales you must first build trust and this only occurs by focusing on relationships!

Let's quickly examine 5 advantages marketers typically experience by taking the time to first build trust with those they consider potential customers!

Builds Curiosity (Traffic)

By avoiding pushy or aggressive marketing tactics and choosing to focus on the needs or interests of others, people are more inclined to pay you attention! As you tactfully share with them, through a gradual process, what you do, they're more likely visit your site out of curiosity! Remember the best way for increasing sales online is to 'allow' people to feel as if they made their own decision and were not 'forced' or 'conned' into one!

Free of Cost

Except for the time you've invested to develop trust with those you feel are potential customers, developing relationships costs nothing! Anybody with a marketing budget, which of course is everyone, can appreciate this! ;-)

Results Are Fast

Although relationships take a bit of time to develop, once you build trust with people they are a lot more receptive to your sales offers! The point here is at this stage you already know these people have an interest in what you do! Just about any other strategy, except paying for traffic, will take as much time or more and often with lesser results!

Loyal Following

When relationships are forged a certain loyalty is established and provided it is not compromised, you now have a following! Not only does this help you build sales but also allows you to make additional product offers to these same people down the line! That's one hell of a strong business foundation to have online!

Referrals Are a Bonus

When people feel comfortable with you and are satisfied with what you offer, they tend to tell their associates, family and friends! There is NO better or easier way to build sales online than through the recommendation of others! The traffic you get this way is already 'qualified' and you did NOT have to invest the time or effort to generate it!

Although building relationships may seem to be an agonizingly slow strategy for increasing sales online it is the most effective approach for long term success! Understandably people want to build sales as quickly as possible but unless you first build trust any success you do achieve will be short lived! The 5 advantages discussed above that marketers such as you can expect to experience when focusing on developing relationships will make your efforts to build sales so much easier!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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