There are some major benefits of using the Magento platform for e-commerce stores. Hire developers from the Magento development company for best quality information and services in this regard. 

E-Commerce is definitely gaining momentum in the present times. More and more people are getting enthusiastic about launching their own online business. They also want to reap from the huge treasure of profits as well as the benefits of being an online entrepreneur. While over the years, several platforms have emerged for building a robust e-commerce website, most people prefer to use Magento for its extraordinary features.  

Magento is a popular, open-source E-Commerce framework set up by the Magento developer in Brisbane. It is integrated with a number of remarkable features.  It provides multiple options for customisation, along with its unparalleled power and potential opportunities for helping the stores make maximised revenue. Magento is flexible enough to carry on multiple operations smoothly with minimal chances for bugs and errors.  


There are many notable benefits for using the Magento based online platform for E-commerce. Below mentioned are some of them.  


1. Mobile and SEO friendly

Magento keeps up with the standards of mobile website designs, while also providing professional SEO solutions. The visitors on mobile devices have a great experience when they land on their preferred website. When the website is not fully mobile responsive, it drives the customers away. For any website, its search engine optimisation score influences the total number of hits that the website receives. The platform of Magento is completely up-to-date with the latest SEO factors and elements of ranking. It also offers a great URL structure along with the meta implementation options which are needed for SEO. The analytics that it provides for tracking web visitors is also helpful for the store owners. 


2. Fast Loading speed

Magento has a strong mission to make E-commerce stores perform faster and efficiently. For any online store to be successful, the website loading speed is very crucial. The recent statistics for Google include that 50% of the users abandon a web page if it does not load in three seconds. Magento performs heavy-duty functions, making for a robust platform which can deal with a huge influx of customers.     


3. Hosting options

The platform of Magento is extremely flexible in that it allows the E-commerce store to select any hosting company of their preferred choice. This way, this platform provides huge freedom to all the online shopping businesses so that they can have their own files and be selective about the various hosting companies which are open for trade.  


4. Multi-Store dashboard 

 Magento provides many latest updates every now and then. It gives hassle-free options so that e-commerce businesses can progress and advance in their operations. One can handle all their multiple E-commerce stores from a single dashboard which provides extensive functional features. This also brings the work burden.  

The dashboard is extremely user friendly. The Magento user can edit and make changes to it like adding and updating crucial information. Navigating and linking the content to other platforms is also easy. This saves a lot of time for the developers.  


5. Advanced Reporting

For running the E-commerce store, timely reporting is very vital. When one uses Magento, one is able to benefit from a number of high-end reporting features. Through this, one can send about 20 reports through the web interface. One can include the major insights from orders, customers, products etc in the report. This report will automatically update from the feature. It also shows all the latest information like the total number of orders made, AOV, taxes, collection of fees for shipping, total number of registered accounts, total product orders, information about best selling items and many more.  With these metrics at hand, the owner can make necessary changes and upgradations for his store.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an experienced Magento Developer in Brisbane working with a leading software development company named PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to convey to the readers the importance of using Magento for e-commerce stores and businesses.